Which of the 4Cs is Most Important When Buying Loose Diamonds


Most people today prefer buying loose diamonds to buying preset pieces. So, why is this the case?

Figure this out. When making a diamond engagement ring, you want to make a great impression on your partner. You will need to be sure that the diamond on the ring will stun your partner for many years after you give it to her. To do this, you have to understand that the most important part of the ring is the diamond and how the quality of your diamond can seriously impact how much it sparkles.

You, therefore, cannot afford to muddle with your choice of loose diamond or the expert you contract to set it. You have to choose the most sparkling loose diamond, set it elegantly, and still stay within your spending plans.

How do you benefit when you buy loose diamonds?

  • You select your preferred stone in terms of color, shape, weight, and what suits your budget
  • Picking a loose diamond allows you to inspect your diamonds for defects
  • Moreover, you will choose how you want to set your diamonds
  • It also allows you to choose the metal type on which you will to set your loose diamonds
  • You can get a better bargain for your jewelry than when you buy a set-piece

Loose diamonds come in marquise, oval, rectangular, square, pear, or round shapes. The round-shaped loose diamonds are the most fashionable.

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How are Loose Diamonds Set?

Bezel:- You can surround your loose diamond with a metal ring. This will not only secure it but also give it an elegant look. If you are giving the ring to a person with a busy lifestyle, this will be the best setting because it holds the stone firmly.

Six prong:-  With this setting, your diamond will be held to the center by six metal clasps. You can go for this setting if you have selected a pear, oval, marquise, or round diamond stone. The six-prong setting is not good for rectangular or square-shaped diamonds since they do not balance well with it.

Four Prong:- This differs from the six-prong setting in that there are only four clasps to secure your diamond stone to the center. It is a great setting because it can secure a loose diamond of any shape.

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The Most Important C When Buying Loose Diamonds

Cut, color, clarity, and carat are the 4Cs that determine the splendor and worth of your diamond. A perfect balance of these will give your diamond a brilliant and elegant look. However, the cut matters more than the others do when it comes to dictating the quality of your loose diamond.

This is mainly because the cut of your loose diamond will influence the glitter of your engagement ring. If your loose diamond has a superior cut, you could compromise a little bit on the other aspects and still have the sparkle of a well-designed piece.

To be more certain about the 4Cs of your loose diamond, confirm the certification from AGS and GIA. These two are trustworthy bodies that follow strict gemological standards to grade and describe the quality of loose diamonds. We would advise you to select loose diamond stones with a GIA or AGS report.

You can also buy loose diamonds from reputable online retailers. Pricescope the largest diamond forum has an informative page that lists approved online retailers of dazzling loose diamonds. This would be a good place to start your journey.

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