Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2020?

Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017?

Kurti is favourite summer fashion of ladies. They prefer kurtis over other dresses due to comfort which kurtis offer. Kurtis are very versatile and can be used as casual and formal wears.Kurtis have taken over other dresses due to which designers are finding and working for new designs. Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017? Kurtis are available in various styles and shapes and you can pick one as per your preference. They are available both in medium and short length. Tailed kurtis, t-shirt styled tunics, flared frock style and plain kurtis are some of the picks in summers. Among all, some trendy prints are ethnic, animal prints, Egyptian inspired and floral etc.

Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017?

Such prints are quite stunning and new, they can make you feel stand apart from the crowd. You can carry this collection anywhere, including, hiking trips or family tour, friends’ hangouts, formal occasions etc.

Formal Kurtis

Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017?
Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017?

For formal occasions, there are different prints in addition to laces, buttons and embroideries. Some designer brands including Zenia lawn, Alkaram, Bareeze, Origins and Limelight etc. have introduced latest collections. You can check their best designer kurtis on their online boutiques.

Some Popular Kurtis

  • Striped Kurtis

Nowadays, striped kurtis are getting popular among girls. Such kurtis are taking over other dresses and are top among high-selling brands. You can easily buy striped kurtis online, at affordable prices. However, make sure that you compare the prices from at least 2-3 retailers, and only after you get the best price, go ahead with the deal.

  • Anarkali Style Kurti

Whether it’s engagement of your friend or there is some other family function, this kurti is perfect. The simple design of this kurti gives you ethnic yet trendy look. This design can brighten up your date and can make your boring office day quite interesting.

However, it is important that before buying this kurti, you properly check all designs available in it. Apart from this, size of kurti is also important. Even though anarkali kurtis look good if worn long but still it’s important that you choose a kurti, which embraces your physique.

  • Party Kurti

Which Kurti Styles Are Popular In 2017?

If you’re looking for something new and interesting to wear at your friend’s birthday party, then this one is a must go. You should buy this kurti design if you want to wear something new. However, it is important that before buying this kurti, you know your size well.

It is important because if your measurements go wrong, you may have to get the piece replaced. If you don’t want that to happen, then it is better to take adequate measurements. In case you’re finding it difficult to calculate your size, then you can take help from your friends or sister. Fashion blog

  • Two-in-one Kurtis

These kurtis are getting popular among girls nowadays and it’s likely that they will rule in the year 2017.    You can carry this kurti for both formal and casual occasions.


Hope this guide will brief you some details about latest kurti styles.

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