Kiss The Heat-Island Kiss Lip Balm

Kiss the heat-Island kiss lip balm

Hey Angelites. How you’re doing? All heated up and spectacular. That is how you’re suppose to be. But considering the kind of heat this summers, its has become really difficult to stay calm and fresh all day. Kiss the heat-Island kiss lip balm And that one thing which gets affected the most due to summer heat is our lips. But when you have a fashion adviser, then can kiss away all the worries. Just go through this post and fond a constant remedy to your lip solutions. So wait no more and go ahead.

Kiss the heat-Island kiss lip balm
Kiss the heat-Island kiss lip balm

Do you know that our lips are the most delicate part of our body. The face being the second. Any change in temperature, whether winters or summers affects our lips the most. And one just cannot do with those dry and dumpy lips. They are pain. It looks  really crooked and feels even more terrible. But what if I tell you that I got you a permanent solution to all your lip worries. I know it feels amazing. Even I could not resist myself from not one but three smacking shades of Island Kiss lip balm. They are cute. They are pretty and most importantly they are insanely effective to the lips. They have moisturising formula which takes away all the dirt and dryness from the lips leaving the lips soft and bouncy.

The first shade which I put my hands on was the Cherry Blossom shade. And trust me I haven’t tried anything so sweet and sift like this shade before. I could feel my lips looking great and feeling even better. All the dry lines were gone. If you are obsessed with having cherry red lips all throughout and you are not much of a lipstick person then this shade is highly recommended. After having an amazing experience with the previous shade of Island Kiss lip balm, I got myself a Flamingo Pink shade. And it is nothing like you can imagine. Highly soft and ultra moisturising. It makes your lips healthy and even better than before. Isn’t that really a great thing to have while you are travelling. Small in size so it can easily fit in your bag and huge when it comes to benefits. The last shade on the blog is Puerto Berry Blush. This has to my favourite amongst the lot. Hot on lips and healthy as well. It has unique hydrating properties which provides a constant moisture to the lips preventing it to get dry or damp. I never travel without this because these have become my constant partners in this churning heat.

All of these shades are amazing and highly recommended. So if this summer heat is really bothering your lips and you want something really permanent then trust me girls, pick any of these and you’ll be as happy as I am. Easy to carry and great on lips. So kiss the heat with Island kiss lip balm this summer.

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