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Kimsukadi Tail

Skincare with Kimsukadi Tail & Skin Tint – A Review

Are you feeling low because of your dull face? Are you using any facial cream which is not giving the desired result? Feeling low because not sure what to use on face for a minimum makeup look? All that you need is a good quality facial oil and skin Tint to rejuvenate the look. I was also having the same feel with my skin type and then came across two products that claimed to give the desired result. So here I am going to review these 2 products:

Kimsukadi Tail

Skin Tint

Kimsukadi Tail Review

About the oil:

Kimsukadi Tail promises to keep your skin nourished and give a bright appearance. This ayurvedic facial oil claims to give you glowing skin. It can reduce dark spots and pigmentation successfully. A few drops of this oil massage or application on the skin can bring noticeable changes in skin quality.

Benefits of Kimsukadi Tail:

Kimsukadi Tail offers the following benefits:

• Brightening of dull skin

• Boosting of natural facial glow

• Reduction in pigmentation

• Lightening dark spot and all types of blemishes

• Keep the skin toned and well-textured

• Applicable to all types of skin

Ingredients of Kimsukadi Tail:

This night oil keeps your skin glowing and well-nourished. This oil keeps working while you sleep. The ayurvedic ingredients improve the skin tone and help to repair your skin deeply. This is great to see that all the ingredients used to prepare the oil are natural. The key ingredients are:

• Sesame oil

• Sandlewood

• Palash

• Laksha

• Indian madder

• Mulethi

• Himalayan wild cherry

• Lotus flower

• Padam Kesha

• Turmeric root

• Indian Sarsaparilla

• Patang

How To Apply?

At first, clean your face properly with your regular face wash. Now take 2 to 3 drops of oil on your palm. Next, apply this on your skin and move your fingers in a circular motion. Message the oil until it gets absorbed.

When I started using this oil, I was not sure how it will work on me. But with the daily application of Kimsukadi Tail, I found that it’s nourishing my skin so well. It is a perfect night oil and it gave suppleness to my skin.

Trust me with regular use you will notice that your skin getting ravishing glow and looks more luminous. If you are suffering from aging and pigmented skin then this skin is just perfect for you. I recommend it to you.

Kimsukadi Tail is one of the best skin care oil I came across so far. This skin glowing oil is made of seventeen precious herbs. The perfect blending of the ayurvedic ingredients has made this product more effective for all types of skin.

The oil is a perfect mixture of sandalwood, vetiver, and nagkesar and it worked well to improve the complexion of the skin giving a natural glow. These herbs are known as varanaya dravyas. This is mentioned in the Charak Samhita written some thousand years back.

These herbs help to boost the glow of the skin naturally. I managed my problems of skin pigmentation, dull skin, and lack of skin elasticity well with the use of this oil. The application of the mixture of this herb also keeps yours away from aging.

If you want to go by my words, then go for it and you will not regret it.

How the oil is made?

How the oil is made is one question which will come to your mind. There are Seventeen Ayurvedic herbs used to prepare this oil. All herbs used are adequate for skin nourishment. The sesame oil is cold-pressed as per Tail-pak vidhi. This is the traditional way of making ayurvedic oil. These herbs are blended so perfectly that these can give the best glow-boosting treatment to your skin. Iac, Indian Madder, Mulethi or Vetiver, etc are cold-pressed. This formula helps to keep the skin glowing for a long time.

With these ingredients, you will also find the mixture of the lotus flower, banyan roots, Henna, turmeric root, etc. These are also blended with other ingredients.

You will find a difference between Kimsukadi Tail and other skin oil. This oil is light-weight and keeps your skin non-greasy.

Before you apply this product your need to clean the face properly and then use it.

It’s a night skincare oil that you need to apply before you go to bed. This skin oil works well for all types of skin.


Well, you may say the price is expensive compared to the volume offered. I will not disagree but quality things are pricey. You need to use just 4 drops a day and the amount you need to apply from a 30 ml bottle @ Rs. 2195 will serve you long. If you want to go for a trial before buying the bigger pack then try the 15 ml pack @ Rs.1595.

Skin Tint Review

About Skin Tint:– Many like me, I am sure prefers to go with minimum makeup when stepping out from home. If you are looking for a no-makeup look then try out this Skin Tint. It is a medium coverage broad-spectrum sun protection for all skin types. It’s ideal to compliment the skin shade and can blend it easily on the skin.

Ingredients of Skin Tint:– Skin Tint is also a herbal product that keeps your skin glowing and nourished. To make this product the natural ingredients that are mostly used are:

• Indian Kudzu

• Javitri, Usher

• Vansh

• Padmakashtha

• Naagkesar

• Coconut oil derivatives

• Manjishtha

• Laksha

• Gernika

• Titanium dioxide

• Cold-pressed avocado

• Vegetable glycerin

• Soy lecithin

• Octyl dodecanol

Application of Skin Tint:

This product is enriched with natural herbs. It’s the best alternative for a chemical enriched foundation applied to facial skin. This product will complement your skin shade and it blends into the skin properly.

Our skin possesses lots of imperfections. As one age, the skin will face problems like fine lines and blemishes. If you apply this skin tint on your skin you will notice how smoothly it masks your face from all types of skin problems. Skin Tint is such a product that will not only enhance the complexion of your skin but also it will keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Most of us know how harmful the UV ray is and everyone needs proper protection from this damaging sunray. So, this product is considered as must-have skin product when you step out from home under the sun.

Daily use of this product will keep your skin protected. So, this skin product helps the skin to remain light-weight. It will nurture the skin properly and will blur all the imperfections.

Skin Tint is also another great herbal product to give your skin the best glow. Before making this product, thorough research work has been done based on a broad customer view. Then all ingredients are processed following the traditional processing method to turn ideal for every skin.

Just pump the lotion on fingertips and apply it well all over face, neck, and ears. This will give a smooth coverage to the skin making you look picture perfect.


There are 5 shades available of the skin tint. You will have it in a 40 ml bottle with a pump costing INR: 1295. So, it’s reasonable and for a flawless and natural look, you will not mind paying the price.

Both the products are from JUST HERBS and I found both of them highly recommendable. Go for it beautiful…….. show the world how beautiful you are with natural glowing and low makeup skin.

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