How To Keep Your New Diamond Ring Looking Fresh

How To Keep Your New Diamond Ring Looking Fresh
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How To Keep Your New Diamond Ring Looking Fresh

Your engagement ring has been made to last a lifetime, but like all valuable things, you have to clean them up and get rid of the dirt that accumulates on them to keep them sparkling clean. Maintenance guarantees your diamond ring will sparkle and look its best at all times. Not only does this make sense from the aesthetic point of view, it also makes sense from the hygienic point of view where we want to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria building up.

 How To Keep Your New Diamond Ring Looking Fresh

Treat It with Care

Many people don’t even realize how they should pick up their wedding rings by the band. To pick this up by the diamond leads to natural oils from your hands getting on it, and this builds up near the setting of the stone. When oils build up near the stone, this raises the difficulty in cleaning your wedding ring. You want your ring to look secure and beautiful for the future.

Store It Well

Chipping a diamond is not easy. While it may not be impossible, you can chip it if you knock it against diamond jewelry. You should store these precious gemstones separate from your other jewelry in a soft pouch or container because this keeps scratches or chips from forming on your jewelry. When you work with your hands every day, dirt builds up on the ring, and the setting becomes especially vulnerable. To keep your diamond ring looking like new, you should always remove the ring when you shower or prepare food or apply makeup creams. This maintains the luscious gleam of your ring.

Exercise Special Care with Chemicals

You can clean dirt off a diamond ring, but the real danger to your ring comes from household chemicals. Eventually, the chemicals like hairspray, cleaning products, furniture polish, hair dye and bleach are among the worst culprits for damage to engagements rings. Slap on some gloves, remove the ring and wash your hands before you put the jewelry back on your finger. Here are some ways you damage your engagement ring without even knowing it:

  • Clean your kitchen or bathroom while wearing it
  • You fail to bring it to a jeweler for regular maintenance
  • You go to the swimming pool with it
  • You wear it when cooking foods like cookie dough, marinating meat and meatballs

Soak Your Ring in a Glass of Vodka

Vodka makes everything better! To keep your ring clean, you can soak it in a glass of vodka and rinse the ring under warm tap water. You can also rub it dry with a lint-free cloth to put a special sparkle in your diamond. For those who don’t want hard spirits in the home, they can also soak the ring in a solution. The ingredients for this solution include:

  • Four parts warm water
  • One part household ammonia


When you soak your ring in this solution, you should leave it in the solution for no longer than 10 minutes. Afterwards, you will brush the ring off gently using a child’s toothbrush, and you will dip it into the mixture and rinse it in a cool or lukewarm water. Finally, you leave it to dry on a lint-free cloth. You should skip the paper towels because this can leave fibers from the paper and dust on the ring. People with sensitive skin should employ a mild liquid detergent to clean it up. Afterwards, you will leave your ring to soak for half an hour.

Upgrade to Diamond Accents

Diamond accents act in the role of small stones that sit next to the center stone, and they will normally have a rectangular or triangular shape. An easy way to upgrade, you switch the band out to a setting with diamond accents close to the side. The extra stones add more sparkle to the ring, and at the same time, you didn’t have to pay extra cash for expensive new measures. For a melee diamond, you will pay between $300 to $700, but the cost will hinge on the carat. When you add diamond accents to your wedding band, you keep the original diamond, but you attach diamond accents around the main gem, which creates the effect of a bigger diamond.

Insure Your Wedding Ring

With your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, you can ask for a separate policy on jewelry. Before you buy insurance, however, you should first scan the fine print and understand the terms and clauses within. You can buy a specialty insurer like, “Jewelers Mutual.” Ironically, some insurance policies exclude a clause for theft, but the policy will cover a mysterious disappearance. Donna Syverson, the director of marketing at Jewelers Mutual, says some insurance policies will reimburse you for the cost of repair, but other times, the insurance company leaves a clause open where they can choose the forms of repair they want done. Like with homeowners insurance, you must evaluate your policy before you buy. Many insurance companies add a clause where they won’t cover loose stones. In particular, if you bought stones off Amazon or eBay, you will need a jeweler to mount and set the stone. Not all carriers include this service.

Diamond wedding rings do require some maintenance and care if you want to keep them sparkling for years to come. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth with a 10 on the Moh’s Scale. While they can endure many bumps and collisions against coffee tables and doors, you must practice good maintenance to keep it looking fresh and in top condition. Even an expert jeweler can accidentally chip the stone from setting it. However, we often wear our wedding rings daily, so these precious stones don’t suffer damage like you might think. Examine the girdle of the stone because this will almost always be the most common culprit to suffer wear and tear.





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