Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

Isn't Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?
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Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

Rose gold jewellery instantly turns the clock back to the vintage era.  Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic? It is back in style and here to stay with many celebs drawn to the feminine hues of the metal. The pink colour of rose gold complements all skin tones and is a perfect match for the women of today. So whether it is a party you are dressing up for or a day at work, rose gold numbers are an excellent addition to your trinket box.


Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

Isn't Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?
Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

Wear it confidently as it will easily blend in with all types of settings. Also bring forward your artistic side by combining it with white or yellow gold jewellery for that unique yet vintage look. With outstanding designs available at your favouritejewellery stores like CaratLane, get your hands on one soon to make an understated and elegant statement.

The Beginnings

Rose gold also sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold may be in the spotlight of the fashion world today, but its vintage appeal and versatility have gone through various stages of popularity over time. The metal is a gold and copper alloy and was first worn and became popular with royalty only in the 1800s in Russia. It was also called “Russian Gold” as this was not a very common alloy at the time. The popularity of the metal gradually dwindled only to make a comeback for a short while during the Victorian era.

Gaining Popularity

After a brief stint during the Victorian Era rose gold jewellery struck a chord again during the 1920’s. Cartier’s introduction of the “Trinity” ring in rose gold was a huge trendsetter and so was writer Jean Cocteau’s endorsement of Trinity. Intriguingly the author himself commissioned the creation of the gold ring consisting of three intertwining bands made in yellow, white and rose gold. The trend again shifted to platinum in the 30’s, and then again from the mid-’30s to the mid-’50s there were many ornaments designed using rose gold.

Isn't Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?
Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

Celebrities Love It Too!

Rose gold rings seem to have become a favourite with celebs for a while now, and the trend doesn’t appear to show any signs of slowing down. Rose gold engagement rings are a big hit with a lot of celebs today. It’s not hard to understand why. Vintage inspiration and its pleasing hues seem to be a nice change from the traditional platinum and yellow and white gold ring. Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Anna Camp are just a few of our loved celebs sporting rose gold engagement rings.

Gets Your Artistic Side into Play

Cartier already showed us the preview of mixing rose gold with white and yellow gold and today you can easily find a wide choice of jewellery designs offering this beautiful ensemble. You can add just the right tone to your outfit by creating a mixed-metal ensemble of multiple necklaces or stacked bangles or rings. However, while you put your creative side into play, make sure that your jewellery also complements your outfit.

For The Special Occasions

While the metal works in many settings, it is particularly appealing in vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding rings. With fashion icons and stars starting the trend, many couples are opting for rose gold as the metal for their engagement rings and wedding bands. The warm hues of rose gold beautifully showcase diamonds or few gemstones which belong to the brown, orange, yellow and red colour families.

Isn't Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?
Isn’t Rose Gold Jewellery an Instant Fashion Classic?

A Must Have in Your Wardrobe Today

Pretty, different, elegant, timeless, warm, the list seems to be endless. Express your style better with this new colour option for your jewellery. If you want to make an elegant statement, choose subtle colours like white, beige and pastels with your rose gold numbers. Today you will find the metal used not only in ornaments, but also appearing on clothing, accessories, and shoes. Rose gold being a versatile colour provides many options for mixing and matching in your wardrobe. With contemporary and minimalist becoming increasingly more popular, rose gold fits in perfectly as it is not too loud on bling and makes a sophisticated style statement.




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