Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect

Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect
Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect
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Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect

Since Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the platform has grown aggressively with its introduction of advertising. As marketers, this provides businesses a great opportunity to optimize and utilize their customer’s social experience and gain visibility. However, before an establishment decides to take the plunge into advertising, marketing and inviting customers over to their Instagram profile, it is imperative that they ensure an attractive account.

Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect
Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your SEO Effect

Below are a few tips that brands can use in order to create a clean and relevant Instagram account and ensure that their profile captures the true essence of the purpose behind their online presence:

  • Ensure the bio accurately represents the brand – A bio is a brand’s or an individual’s introduction. When a potential or an existing client is discovering your brand, you want to ensure that you not only put your best, but also your most honest foot forward. To confirm that you do so, create a bio, which is relevant to your brand’s vision and goals.
  • Choose your profile image carefully – The profile image is the first thing that a user sees on Instagram, even before reading your bio. Choose it carefully. If you have registered brand logo, upload it. But, ensure that it is a good resolution image. Otherwise, upload an image that resonates with your brand.

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  • Avoid using Hashtags in your bio – Using hashtag in a bio doesn’t make much sense since, they aren’t clickable. However, if you want your Instagram followers to use your hashtags in their photos, you can mention the particular hashtag in your bio and a message, which indicates that you would like your friends and followers to use the mentioned hashtag.
  • Alternate the usage of links – Users constantly change links on their Instagram? This is because it helps brands in directing their followers to various products, landing pages, etc. it also helps them to actively promote the particular segment of their business they want to highlight at a given point in time.
  • Don’t use “Official” with your username (or anywhere on your profile) – Instagram offers its users the “verified” badge, which guarantees your brand page’s ‘official’ status. This lets followers know about your official status. Using ‘Official’ against your brand name or anywhere else in the profile only makes the profile look naïve and weird.
  • Use your ‘Location’ as a plus point – When you publish a post, it asks you to select the location for your image or video. You have the leverage of customizing the location to your advantage. If you don’t really care about where the photos and videos were taken, use the “location” space as a ‘call-to-action’. For example, instead of adding the name of the city where your business is located, you can add “Join us on – (Your Facebook Page name)”.
  • Don’t take the power of images lightly – You must never forget that Instagram, at the end of the day, is one of the best photography app there is. It lets users make their normal clicks look like high-quality professional images. To highlight your brand’s products and services, ensure that the images and video that you upload are superior quality and relevant to your brand.


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