The Indian Wear – Grace your Style

The Indian Wear - Grace your Style
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The Indian Wear – Grace your Style

Changing weathers and changing breeze. But what should not and will not change is our fashion quotient. And to keep the quotient soaring high in this light hearted weather, I have brought to you people a little sneak peek into my traditional side. I always believe that whatever may come, one should always remain grounded and attached to their roots. So why not use it in fashion instead. So let me take you through a vision of y traditional wear.

If I ever have to choose between western and Indian, my first and only choice will be Indian wear. There is some kind of warmth and comfort in the Indian attire. It makes me feel graceful and beautiful about myself. And have you ever noticed the pattern work in Indian attire. They are exceptionally unique and you can actually feel the beat of culture and diversity in it. Let e take you through a few favorite pieces of mine.

The Indian Wear – Grace your Style – The Salwaar Kameez Atiire

When you want to slay like nobody else, then there’s nothing coming better then latest trendy salwar kameez  thing. It makes your figure look gorgeous and great. My favorite amongst this section would be the one with light salwaar kameez pattern and heavy embroidered Dupatta. It gives an altogether different scenic look to the complete attire. And trust me girls, nothing can flaunt your gym toned figure better than a salwaar suit. All you need to do is gear up and get ready to be an Indian bombshell with just three pieces.

The Lashkara Attire

The Indian Wear - Grace your Style
The Indian Wear – Grace your Style

some of you must have heard about it. This Indian piece comes from our deep roots in the early times. That long kurti with flair pants was and still is the flavor of the party. There is something about Lashkaras that attracts me a lot. They are beautiful, they are sophisticated and yet they look superbly stunning. You have a long kurti and a flared sequenced skirt as bottoms and the combination just looks perfect. And best part about this attire is the head gear we get to wear with it. It just completes the look for me. I have even donned this look in a previous post of mine. Do check it out t get the complete look. Fashion blog

The Sari Look

The Indian Wear - Grace your Style
The Indian Wear – Grace your Style

even the western culture feels that there’s nothing sexier yet elegant attire that Sari. What more do we want girls? I am personally a fan of the sari look. I feel there’s so much to experiment with it in terms of the look, the cloth, the pattern and the blouse. You can make it look different every time you wear it. It is that intimidating attire. And the best part- you’ll look gorgeous any which ways. You need nothing more but just a sari for it and your work is done.

So this was my daily dose of fashion inspiration for all you girls out there. Nothing beats Indian and I am sure you agree with me. So don’t wait for another wedding in your house. Just pick out some random stuff and make a beautiful piece out of it. And do let me know!





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