The Importance of Looking Your Absolute Best Every Day

How often do you spend time in the mirror fixing yourself up? I only do it once a week, and only when I know I need to be impressive for that day. On those days, I felt like the most happy and fulfilled person I could be. I thought to myself, “Maybe I am starting to be vain and superficial. I dig deep to try and  justify the outlooks that I have.”

I came to the conclusion that we should not see taking the time to improve our looks every day as a hassle, or as unnecessary. There are great benefits that make our lives far more fulfilling. Let me discuss the reasons why looking good every day is essential.

Positive Perception

We have heard the phrase “first impression last” and it is true. It is normal for people to form an impression the moment they see someone or something new. It may sound superficial, but appearance and clothing are a major factor in forming an impression. A study conducted by Neil Hewlett from the University of Hertfordshire, revealed that a person, even young children and teens, received more positive impressions from others when they wore better quality clothes. Think of your clothes as an extension of yourself and start thinking of ways to improve your style.

Also, people will take you more seriously and see you as trustworthy. A study shows that attractive people are perceived as a person with credibility, a sense of purpose, kind-natured and someone with a good moral compass. This is what they call the “halo effect”. Humans can pick up positive cues, either visual or auditory, from your appearance and self-presentation.

Boost Self-Confidence

When I fix myself up, I cannot help but smile all throughout the day. At first, I did not know the reason behind it, but I discovered that it was because I had a boost in my confidence. Looking in the mirror, appreciating yourself and knowing you are looking good all boost your confidence. Taking the time to improve your appearance gives you a sense of self-assurance and self-gratification. In the long run, this confidence will help you shape your image for the better, and is helpful in many settings in life like school, work and relationships.

Keep the Blues Away

Wearing the best clothes you have can lead to what they call dopamine dressing. It is the idea that wearing clothes you perceived as fun or stylish can boost your mood and keep your blues away. According to Carolyn Mair, of the London College of Fashion, dopamine dressing is correlated on the significance of an item to the person. If the person believes that wearing certain clothes or colors boosts their moods, then it will have an impact on their emotions.

Nothing beats the feeling of a rush when you see yourself in the mirror somewhere along the street and you look great!. So go ahead and shop: there are a variety of products offered online that caters to everyone’s needs.

Make More Friends

When you look good, people will be more prone to look your way, and you can easily mesmerize them and catch their attention. Together with your confidence, persuasiveness, and positivity, you are more likely to attract people into your space.

Taking Care of Yourself

 To look beautiful, you need to take care of yourself in terms of proper hygiene and health. You will build habits and routine in order to maintain yourself. Brushing your teeth every day, twice a day; putting moisturizer on your face; and using sunscreen on your skin. All these lead to a healthier you.

Professional Help

Appearance can influence your professional life. According to a study conducted at Fairleigh Dickinson University, people with a polished look can receive up to a 20% higher salary than others. And individuals with poor personal appearance have an increased likelihood of rejection after initial interviews

Looking good need not be about living a superficial life. Rather than using the term vain, let’s start using the term self-respecting. Making a conscious effort to yourself reveals that you have accepted yourself and are working towards your ultimate destination: a fulfilling life.

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