How to Start A Self-Hosted WordPress blog

How to start a self-hosted Wordpress blog
How to Start A Self-Hosted WordPress blog
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How to Start A Self-Hosted WordPress blog

Hey everyone, I missed you people and I know you missed me too. So I thought f coming up with something really informative and needed at this hour. Since we are all here to talk about fashion and lifestyle, let’s know how can one start a self hosted WordPress blog. It’s easy and so damn quick. Have a deep look at the post and know for yourself.

Blogging, as I already told isn’t an easy game to put up with. There might be lot of free blogging websites like or and trails can always be done on those websites. But as I said, it is always to have a self hosted blog. For obvious reasons. You can always more control over your blog and much more customization. That will be your blog completely.  Last post – HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC FROM SOCIAL MEDIA

So ladies, follow these simple steps and get yourself a How to Start A Self-Hosted WordPress blog :-

  1. Get yourself a new account with a new provider. Remember you will have to purchase the account. But the package deals are completely affordable. I would recommend you certain WordPress host from list at you can always choose from your preferable option.
  1. Now you need to install WordPress for your selected host. Mostly, hosts have one click install WordPress feature so your work becomes easier. In one click, you can have WordPress running with your brand new host.
  1. Now it’s time to shift. Move all your content from your current blog to your new self driven blog. Just to keep in mind that the widgets and themes cannot be transferred so you need to create all of them again. Get yourself some amazing themes that just suit the mood for your blog and make it more impressive.
  1. Now you need to move all your content. Just select the settings option from My site drop down menu and switch to the Export All option. Now further move to self hosted blog and go to the Import option from the Tool drop down menu. Fashion blog
  1. Get yourself a new and intriguing Domain Name. That will be your blog name that will appear when one puts it on the search engine. Make sure it’s completely eye- catching and interesting. Also you can shift you previous WordPress name to your new hosted blog. Be aware of the security hacks though.
  1. Jetpack it is! Why not have the same cool features as that of Use the Jetpack feature and enjoy all those website management tools and other options along with having access to your mobile as well desktop applications. Get one for yourself from
  1. And the last but definitely not the least, move your subscribers and statistics data. You can always migrate your subscribers and followers from your org. blog using the jetpack plug-in. You can’t carry the likes but definitely take you connections along.


So don’t just waste you effort on the WordPress blog and get yourself a self- hosted blog. And if you have done a lot of work already, then follow the guide to migrate. Get going and own your own blog and customize it the way you want. Cheers! Check out more posts of  BLOGGING TIPS




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