How to look after yourself before your wedding

How to look after yourself before your wedding

How to look after yourself before your wedding

Every bride waits eagerly for her wedding. While the wedding preparations are in full swing with flower arrangements, guest lists, catering, music, cake tasting and so on, you shouldn’t forget to look after yourself! Your wedding day is your day to dazzle! It’s imperative that you look your best for the photographs. Preserving these memories for a lifetime as you look your most gorgeous ever is what you aim for!

How to look after yourself before your wedding

Let’s look at areas to cover beforehand so you shine on your special day.

  • Healthcare:

Your health is extremely important as you gear up for your wedding day and its celebrations. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making any important changes in diet and exercise will help you reduce stress, look great and stay happy. Eat healthily and avoid all junk and oily foods. This will help clear your skin of any imperfections and also cleanse your system. Visit a dentist to get your smile picture-perfect! Also, start taking vitamins and supplements a month prior to your big day to combat any fatigue and tiredness that might reflect on your face and body. While you’re doing all this, don’t forget to sleep peacefully and tuck into a hearty breakfast every morning. Don’t ignore your meals and drink lots of water to keep hydrated all day long!


  • Fitness

If you want to lose a few pounds before your wedding date, then it’s advised that you start early. Maintain a regular fitness regime and exercise regularly. Join a gym or get a personal trainer to tone your body and look gorgeous in all your wedding photos. This is also a fantastic opportunity for your body to de-stress daily and maintain your strength. Exercising regularly will make you mentally and physically fit to take on your big day with a broad smile. Improving your stamina ensures that you’re alert and prepared to take on any last minute details you might come across.


If you have a specific look planned for your wedding, get the hair cut at least 3 months prior to your set date, and go in for a trim a month prior. In the interim, get spa treatments, any hair color and highlights you wish and nurture your hair to shine. If you plan on going for an extensive straightening or perming treatment, then get this done at least a month prior so that your hair sets properly! You don’t want limp, droopy or extra bouncy hair when you say ‘I Do’. Decide which style looks best with your face cut and wedding gown.


  • Skincare:

Your skin is your best feature. Ensure that it glows on your special day! Moisturize daily after your bath and wear a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Invest in a good spa a week prior to your date. Also use a good body scrub twice a week to reduce tan lines and expose healthy skin. If you are planning a backless or strapless gown, then this is essential!


  • Beauty treatments:

If you wax and thread regularly, get this done a week prior to your date. This gives a weeks’ time to settle any redness or rashes that you might get during your treatment. Manicures and pedicures should be done four days prior to your wedding so that your skin stays smooth and supple and your nails look gorgeous. Lifestyle blog


  • Makeup:

Select your makeup artist carefully. Check all products and brands before you finalize the artist. If you are doing your own makeup, then ensure that you have enough of everything before you start on your face. Have a trial of your bridal makeup before the actual event so that you know which shades and applications work best with your hair, nails, shoes, and gown. Highlight your best features and use accents carefully. Many times, because of the lights, the angle of your highlights can go astray. Take care to keep your bronzing, highlighting, and contouring to a minimum so that you look ravishing! Fashion blog

It’s your wedding, and you must outshine everyone! Katie Jones from suggests to start early to look your most gorgeous best! If you want, enroll yourself with a spa that offers packages to take care of your skin, makeup, hair, and nails so that you have less to worry about later. You get time for yourself to feel pampered, loved and rested. Look beautiful – inside and out! So relax, breathe and enjoy yourself on your special day!





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