How to dress for this winter

How to dress for this winter

How to dress for this winter

The dual climate of 2016 and how to prepare

2016 has shown a number of record breaking highs. Yet, at the same time there have been surprise cold fronts which have swept in and left inches of snow.  How to dress for this winter As such, a person trying to prepare a winter wardrobe may wonder the method which should be taken. On the one hand, you want to have clothes which are comfortable for the hot climate, and on the other hand you do not want to freeze in the cold weather. And being as buying two wardrobes is financially taxing, knowing how to dress for this winter is essential. Here are a few tips.

How to dress for this winter – Leather Coats are in

Due to the flippant nature of the weather, coats are very much in style. Where you cannot take off a sweater or a long sleeve shirt in public, a jacket can. I know that this is a bit redundant, but it does bid consideration when picking out a wardrobe. When choosing how to dress for winter, pair your leather jacket with your spring and lighter attire. You can chose to go with strong contrasts, just ensure that the contrasts do not clash. Lifestyle blog

In addition to your jacket, you should add accessories which match the material of the jacket. For example, if you have a leather jacket, then you should at least have a leather handbag or a leather wallet of the same hue and material. On certain dresses, you may want to consider a leather belt to highlight the ensemble.

How to dress for this winter –Nubuck Shoes and boots

Carrying on the fashion trend of years past (and the summer trend) nubuck boots and shoes should be a part of anyone’s winter wardrobe. For the woman, the knee high nubuck boots in blacks, browns, and greys are ideal. Men’s shoes tend to lean on the darker nubuck or on the yellowish “Hiker boot” style of leather. Personally, I believe that the darker colors of black and the dark browns are more ideal for winter wear than the lighter colors. The reason is that while there are some lighter colored wardrobes, traditionally fall and winter attire tends to lean upon the darker clothing. Dark shoes are just easier to pair and have less of a risk of clashing. Fashion blog

When purchasing Nubuck leather, ensure that you have leather conditioners and cleaners for the leather. Nubuck is especially susceptible during the winter months to cracking and to loosing that suede feel due to the moisture in the air.

Do not go overboard with your layers

When considering how to dress for this winter, keep in mind that the climate may shift rather quickly. There have been days this year where the temperature was in the mid-70s in the morning and past the 90s in the afternoon. Winter months this year, if the former months are any indication, will fluctuate a great deal. Layering up may not be the best solution for your wardrobe. Instead, think of having a wool overcoat, a thick leather jacket, or such. Again, you will want to ensure that all the layers which you do have compliment each other and that there are accessories to accent your wardrobe.

How to dress for this winter
How to dress for this winter

Why leather is ideal for how to dress this winter

Leather, in terms of boos and handbags are ideal for winter because they are more durable than cottons and fabrics typically reserved for the warmer months. While cloth bags may be cute for the Spring and Summer, in the winter, one will find that the absorbency of these materials can quickly ruin the contents therein. And while there is a level of absorbency in leather, it is far less than that of competitive products. Additionally, the color of leather goes with the duller colors of winter (and I do understand that there are vibrant colors for winter, but most fashion is in the natural hues) whereas cloth bags and accessories tend to be catered to the warmer months.

Dress Comfortably

The bottom line to your winter wardrobe is that it should fit, that it should be comfortable, and that it should match your personality. You know which clothes look best on you and which clothes do not. Find a wardrobe which accents your natural features while at the same time provides the warmth and functional needs of the winter wear. Keep in mind your geographic location. What looks great in the north may not work for the south, east, or west. If you have jackets from last year, do not forget to have them cleaned and conditioned for this year, especially if they have been sitting in a closet until now-

Full Lace Wigs If you need help with choosing he proper leather jacket, handbag, wallet, or accessories for your winter wardrobe, ask your local professional leather artisan or simply pick up a fashion magazine and look at the top trends.





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