Home Remedy For Glowing Skin

Home remedy for glowing skin

Are you really tired of using the beauty products available in the market? Worry not, because today I will be showing you how you can naturally make your skin healthy and glowing. There are many ways you can do this, but today I will be using just natural honey and lemon which is a very simple home remedy for glowing skin. You might be wondering why natural honey and lemon. Here are some quick facts about them:

Home remedy for glowing skin

Honey: Honey works amazing to remove pimples and acne, it is super hydrating which helps in moisturizing your skin too. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which cleans all the impurities of your skin. To read more just follow the link to more about the benefits of honey.

Home remedy for glowing skin

Lemon: Lemon in very useful in cleaning and brightening your skin. Lemons also have antibacterial property which helps in treating various skin and hair problems. To read more just follow the link to know more about the benefits of lemon.

Things you need for making this:
• A bowl
• Two tea spoons of natural honey
• Half a lemon

Now let’s get started..

Step 1:
The first step is to squeeze half a lemon into the bowl, and mix it will two table spoon of natural honey. Stir and mix well until you get a golden liquid which means your face mask is ready to be applied now.

Step 2:
When the face mask is ready, make sure your face is cleaned and dried properly and make sure to remove all your hair back by using any band or what so ever feels easy.

Step 3:
Now start applying the mask from your finger tips on to your forehead first. Now carry on with the flow to your cheeks and under the eyes. Make sure you massage well all over your face and be careful with your eyes.

Step 4:
Once you feel you face has been all covered up, clean your hands and lie down for around 15-20 minutes. Try not to talk or move until the mask is all absorbed. You just need to relax your body for a few minutes.

Step 5:
And now it’s time to clean up everything. Use cold water to wash your face and gently scrub to make sure the face is all cleaned up. When you are done, gently dry your face with a clean towel.

Now it’s time to feel the freshness and the glow of your skin. This is a very simple home remedy for glowing skin and you don’t need much ingredient. Honey and lemon is a regular household item, which means you do not need to spend anything to make your skin glow. So why not just try it.

I hope you guys like this amazing trick to keep your skin glowing. Please give your valuable comments and suggestion about anything you would like to know.


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