How Your Home Needs to Change When You Have College Students Living at Home

Not all college students live on their own. Although many choose a dorm or an apartment, a lot of students choose staying home to save money or because they are not ready to be independent. Living with a college student requires some changes. Let’s look at some of the challenges this arrangement poses.

Making Space

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If your young adult shared a room with a sibling, now that he or she attends college, privacy is more important. If your home has a usable basement or attic, consider converting the space for your college student’s own room. If not, set aside a quiet area in the house for your student to study, away from the hustle and bustle of a normal household. Or encourage your young adult To Study And Do Homework on campus.

Redecorating your student’s room might help your young adult feel more grown-up. A new coat of paint, rearranging the furniture, or just changing out posters helps. You don’t need to spend a lot of money redecorating; just help your student make the room more adult-like.

It’s hard to study with annoying sounds. If a rattling appliance, like an air conditioning unit, makes a lot of noise, try Some Simple Fixes. If your unit sits in the sun, install something to shade the unit at least part of the day. Harsh sunlight causes units to accumulate debris and wear out quicker. Providing shades keeps the unit quieter and helps it last longer. Remove any debris from the unit, such as leaves or branches, that causes noise. If it still makes a lot of noise, call a professional to check your unit and perform maintenance.

Setting Rules

Just because your young adult attends college doesn’t mean they get a pass on chores. Imagine your student stays in a dorm, and Consider What Chores they must do in that situation. Teach them the proper way to wash their own clothes, and make sure they keep their room clean. Also, don’t remind them about setting alarm clocks or wake them if they oversleep. Keeping their own schedule comes with adulthood, and now is the time to start.

Decide on rules for entertaining friends, setting a curfew, and meal routines. Although students living on their own make their own rules, your young adult is a member of the household and must respect rules that seem appropriate. Include your college student in these discussions, and explain you worry if they don’t come home when expected.

Encourage Campus Life

Even if your student lives at home, tell them meeting new people is an important part of the college experience. Joining campus clubs, attending school events, and taking part in intramural sports helps commuter students acclimate to campus life. All freshmen need orientation regardless of where they live, so make sure your student attends this important event. If available, attend a parent orientation as well.

One reason some students continue living at home is cost. As parents, paying for groceries and utilities still saves money over $10,000 a year on room and board cost. Remember, having your student at home helps you continue being a big part of their life.

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