Holiday of a Lifetime – Best Places To Stay in Paris

Paris is a dream destination for most, and everyone wants to plan for it meticulously. You do need to since the city has so much on offer for the keen tourist. A good trip goes along with a pleasant stay. Holiday of a lifetime – best places to stay in Paris – When your knees give way after a day of roaming around, you need a cozy bed to drown yourself in a sweet sleep. When you are exhausted after a long flight to the Charles de Gaulle airport, your tired limbs would be aching for rest. Hop on to a Paris Taxi like Charles de gaulle to Gare du nord, that could drop you to the city center in forty-five minutes to an hour, take a warm bath and freshen up.

One of your first intimate encounter with the city and your first impressions are at the hotel that you choose to stay at. So, choose carefully, make your experience special. You could pick from some of the curated experiences shared here. If possible, avoid hotels around the main attractions of Paris. They are expensive and are always swarming with crowds. With the city center being easily accessible via the metro, why would you want to spoil your peace?

Good Neighborhoods To Stay In

First, a quick overview of how Paris is organized. The city is comprised of neighborhoods (arrondissements), and they are numbered. The ones with lower numbers are nearer to the city center, and those from the 12th to the 20th are the outer edges of the city. It is best to stay anywhere between these places as places beyond the 20th, and the suburbs could be a little dangerous. Also, make sure that you are near a metro station. It is easy to traverse the city using the metro. Taxis are also readily available from the over 500 taxi stands in the town.

If you are looking forward to staying at the very center of the city, yet away from the crowds, the Ile Saint-Louis is a beautiful place. Just next to the city center, yet has the charming feeling of a small town. People who are familiar with the city and been there multiple times say that the Marais neighborhood is one of the best options to stay at. Located centrally, the area has a lot of attractions. There are a lot of nice restaurants and some nice shopping areas. Staying around the Montmartre can be an option as this place has a village-like atmosphere but some parts of Montmartre, especially around the Pigalle locality could be quite seedy. St. Germain on Left Bank Paris is also a nice option with its interesting cafes, wonderful shops, and the life on the streets. If you prefer the residential areas that have a lot of local restaurants, bars, and cafes and yet not far from the center, you could look for accommodation around the 9th arrondissement. The Opera and the famous departmental stores Galeries-Lafayette are located here.

Flamboyance, Charm, and Chic

Game for some of the beautiful and serene hotels around Paris that exude the charm that Paris is known for, the ambiance and the artistic touch? The Maison Souquet is one such. Housed in a charming neoclassical building with opulent furnishings, this place is very near to the Moulin Rouge. Imagine a hotel that’s a riot of colors, beautiful interiors, but has that guesthouse feel – the Hotel Crayon Rouge is just that and within walking distance of Notre Dame and the river Seine. If you are the one that loves hip hop, enjoy a sweet cocktail, then head for Mama Shelter, a mid-range accommodation, but stylish. A hotel that pays homage to the great artists? Check in at the Hotel des Academies et des Arts, an elegant hotel that’s truly gorgeous. The Hotel Saint-Jacques is charming, romantic, and is in the old Latin quarters of the city. But, if you want to feel Parisian chic at its best, book yourself an accommodation at the Le Bellechasse, that’s decked up with over-sized colorful butterflies, giant cards, and pleasing décor.

Ever fancied yourself a night in a comfortable cabin going to sleep in a floating barge? That gentle nudge as the waters of the Seine lap against your boat as you catch some of the finest views of the city? Well, the Le boudoir de Serendipity and Johanna, the two marvelous barges offer you just that. The décor in the cabins is chic and the food on board simply awesome. Would you give that a miss?

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