Hello Kitty from Hepburnette

Hello Kitty from Hepburnette
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Hello Kitty from Hepburnette

Hey, cuties. Yes, all you Angelites, I am back with yet another post. This time I bring to you something that has been a part of all our childhood. I am sure all you girls out there have something related to Hello Kitty. And why not? Hello Kitty was a trend and continues to be a part of every girl’s accessories collection. Would you imagine having Hello Kitty on your footwear?

Hello Kitty- Hepburnette

Hello Kitty from Hepburnette
Hello Kitty from Hepburnette

Much like all of you, I am also a big hello kitty fan. When I saw this footwear, my heart jumped with joy. I ordered this vegan leather footwear from an online store- www.hepburnette.com .

I got introduced to Hepburnette by a friend and loved their products. These WHISKERS – CUTE KITTY SANDALS are cute and are extremely comfortable. When I saw this pair online, I fell in love with the color combination of the footwear. The color combination for the whiskers looks pretty vibrant and chic. Black & vibrant pink are the colors of the season. The pretty kitty patch on the forefront, makes the footwear stand out. These ankle strap sandals are handcrafted in India.

Usually, one would expect to get a shoe bite with the new footwear but that was not the case with this pair. I was comfortable wearing it all day long. The foam cushioning in the insole and the strap of the sandal gives an exceptional level of comfort. You can easily arrange the strap in accordance to the size of your feet. Ankle strap sandals are always easy to wear and more comfortable as they provide a level of support.

Hello Kitty from Hepburnette
Hello Kitty from Hepburnette

These flats can be easily worn to college, parties or work. Whenever possible, I prefer flats over heels and these make the best deal. They are light on feet and are very easy to carry. Most importantly, the sole of the footwear is extremely comfortable and does not cause ankle pain. And guess what? All of this for just Rs. 1665. That is pretty amazing.

You can wear these vegan leather sandals with anything like a floral printed dress or a pain chrome skirt and top. This footwear would look amazing with them. You could match your handbag or clutch with the shoes. So next time you plan an outing with your friends, do remember to wear these. You are definitely going to receive a lot of compliments for these cute and adorable kitty sandals.

What makes purchasing from Hepburnette an exceptional experience is that they give away one ice-cream to an underprivileged child for every product you buy from them. The feel-good factor makes the shopping experience a fulfilling one. Apart from their amazing footwear collection they have some interesting jewelry, hand bags, clutches and dupattas. With over 25000 likes on Facebook, this brand is growing and popular among the fashionistas. Head over to their website to get hold of some trendy designs and let me know your favorites in the comment section below!    Their catalogue is also available on all leading web portals such as Amazon , Flipkart, limeroad, Paytm and many more.

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