Hair Care with Raaga Professional ProBotanix

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Hair Care with Raaga Professional ProBotanix

Living in the capital city isn’t easy, Delhi have became the most polluted city of the nation. Pollution effects your skin, hairs and health. In the recent days, I was facing a lot of problem with my hairs like, hairloss, damage , split end etc. I used all the possible brands and nothing changed.

However I consulted a Beauty Salon Beauty blog , where they recommended me the products of Raaga Professional ProBotanix where you can get the whole lot of options for your hair problems.

I haven’t heard of Raaga before, so i just did a quick R&D (you know google have all the answers) to find out what exactly it this. So guys, Raaga Professional is the salon brand of CavinKare and ProBotanix and so I decided to give it a try and purchased Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish shampoo and Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish. And yes all you lovely people it worked, withing 2 weeks my hairs were back to normal.

These two product are highly recommended for anyone facing hair problems like mine. Check out the product details below and let me know if you have any questions. I have also include the price and the link of where you can get these products.

Hair Care with Raaga Professional ProBotanix

Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish shampoo

 Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish shampoo (200 ml)

Raaga Professional Repair & Nourish range of shampoo provides extra care for dry and damaged hair through covalent linkage. Raaga’s Repair & Nourish range with Wheat Protein nourishes the hair with its moisture retention and film forming properties, while protecting the hair from environmental (Pollution, UV rays), mechanical (brushing, blow drying) and chemical (colouring, perming) factors. It greatly improves the shine and smoothness of hair.

Hair Care with Raaga Professional ProBotanix

Price: Rs. 225
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Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish

Raaga Professional ProBotanix Repair & Nourish (100 ml)

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Pro-botanix anti-frizz conditioner with goodness of Shea butter helps in taming unruly frizzy hair. It also nourishes and moisturizes dry hair from root to tip. Shea butter is known for conditioning damaged and brittle hair because of its moisturizing properties It’s an amazing product.The conditioner has Shea Butter in it, the smell is amazing. It is white in colour with the consistency of soft butter at room temperature. You have to apply the conditioner on wet hair after shampooing, keep it for 5 minutes and then wash it thoroughly. Towel dry your hair and let it dry naturally, Don’t use a blow dryer. You don’t need a lot of product, for it to work nicely; a little amount will do the job. It smoothens out your hair very nicely, the frizz free, and your hair gets a new shine and bounce, your hair becomes lively than before. Your hair smells of shea butter. The hair gets a gorgeous shine and bounce, just perfect for the days when you want to keep your hair open..

Hair Care with Raaga Professional ProBotanix

Price: Rs. 175
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