Guide To Buying Engagement Ring

Guide to buying engagement ring

Traditionally, engagement ring shopping was a secretive affair. However, this is no longer the case as we find more couples breaking out of this norm and taking it as a collective process. As a matter of fact, recent studies show that 90% of the ladies to be engaged are involved in the process of selecting their engagement rings. In addition, there is still a significant number that even though they are not involved, they do drop hints on their preferences. With the help or such hints, the processing of acquiring an engagement ring is greatly enhanced, and this guide will make it even easier.

 Tip 1: Finding A Jeweler

Recommendations from family and friends are the most traditional and popular means of finding an ideal jeweler for engagement. However, this is not always an option for most people, and luckily enough, there exist a number of ways of having this covered. Stores that are members of the Gemological Institute of America or those accredited by the Jewelers of America are good to start points.

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Tip 2: Get To Know The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs in jewelry refers to the color, carat, clarity, and cut. Now, this is quite important to understand to ensure that you get value for money as diamonds do not come cheap. It is also important to distinguish between flawless and included diamond and their price difference. Armed with information on all this, you will be in a position to make a great purchase.

Tip 3: Exploring Different Ring Settings

The style of your ring can be determined by a number of elements of them being the frame surrounding the center stone. With the knowledge of this, it is recommended that you explore the various options to get your best suit. Exploration is everything, and your choices are unlimited.

Tip 4: Identifying Your Persona

We all have a different persona, and it would be a great idea to express your personal style or that of the bride with the ring. For example, with a classical bride, a traditional style would be a match while for the rule breakers, there are styles that would better suit such character.

Tip 5: Making A Decision On Custom

If you are sure of what you really want or you would wish to get a blend of two styles, going custom would be the best bet. The best thing is that you get exactly what you are looking for and such a ring has high possibilities or having a reflection of your personality.

 Tip 6: Determine Your Budget

Ultimately, the price is a major constraint for most people. However, this needs not be the case as it is a cost you are likely to undergo once in your lifetime. In addition, there are various ways of reducing the cost of the engagement ring such as less carat or clarity which is rarely visible to the naked eye.

Tip 7: Get The Details In Writing

Diamond jewelry of one carat and above should come with a grading report from reputable bodies such as American Gem Society or GIA. Also, the specifications of the 4 Cs ought to be included as well as any other factor affecting the value of the ring.

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