A Great Idea For A Unique Wedding Ring

A Great Idea For A Unique Wedding Ring

When we think of the word fingerprint, we think firstly about the hand and we think about something that identifies who we are, and it is individual and specific to only us. It is imprinted on our fingers and this is significant, because we use these same fingers, to hold and to touch, the one we love. The hands are the bond that holds people together and we use our hands to show love and to give protection to those we love and cherish. Our children will reach for our hands for security and safety when we are in a strange place or crossing a busy road, and the people in our lives who we have romantic relationships with clasp our hands as a token of romance and closeness.

A Part Of Yourself

When we touch an inanimate object, we leave behind our fingerprints which identifies that we have held and touched that item, and in a similar gesture, when we hold the hands of a loved one, maybe we are attempting to leave a part of ourselves with them as well. Fingerprints never change and fingerprints never leave us, and they are a direct representation of us, and this explains why more and more couples are imprinting their fingerprints onto jewellery like rings when they get engaged or married.  For those of you who were not aware that you can now do this, don’t worry, you can now Get Fingerprint Wedding Rings in 5 Easy Steps.

The Heart

The concept behind putting your fingerprints onto an engagement or wedding ring comes from the times of the early Egyptians, who believed that the fourth finger on your left hand, had a vein inside that ran straight to the heart. As we know, the heart is a modern symbol of love and even though it’s not true, the connection between the finger and that of real love, stays with us even today. Essentially then, there is nothing more romantic than getting your fingerprints from that finger, imprinted onto your engagement or wedding ring. It really is a beautiful notion. For more on the Origin of The Wedding Ring Finger, have a look interesting articles online.

Modern Or Traditional

Getting a fingerprint wedding ring is one way to connect your loved one’s fingerprints right to your heart, and there is nothing on this earth as romantic as that. There are a number of ways to get this done. You can get the fingerprint put on the inside or the outside of the ring, and the jeweller will let you decide which one you want. Putting it on the outside makes the print an integral part of the ring design, but opting for the inside allows you to make the romantic gesture, while maintaining the traditional look of the ring on this type of occasion.

It is a wonderful and meaningful gesture to get this done with your wedding ring and putting your fingerprints on this ring is a permanent record of your love for someone else.

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