Gorgeous in Greenery: 6 Gifts in the 2017 Color of the Year

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Hello Guys Today i will Share you about Gorgeous in Greenery: 6 Gifts in the 2017 Color of the Year, So Lush, life-affirming, and reinvigorating — these are just some of the words to describe Greenery, the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year. Chosen by a panel of color experts to symbolize the overall emotion or feel of the whole year, Greenery is intended to be a bright follow up to what has been a less-than-stellar 2016. And now that the year is ending, this zesty shade of yellow-green presents a fresh and trendy theme for holiday gifts.

Just what kind of gift item looks good in Greenery? Here are some easy-to-find suggestions that will look great in nature’s neutral color:

  1. Makeup

Greenery is going to be ever present in the next 12 months, especially in the realms of fashion and interior design. Gorgeous in Greenery: 6 Gifts in the 2017 Color of the Year – One great gift to someone who is into style and fashion is a makeup kit centered on the trendiest color of the year. Eye-catching as it is, Greenery will definitely be a hit with those who want to greet the arrival of spring with youthful colors. However, the color may be a bit limited when it comes to matching different skin types. If the receiver of your gift is more into skincare, you can give nature-inspired serums and ampules in Greenery, like Centella Blemish Ampule from COSRX.

  1. Mugs

It can be said that 2016 is the year of the matcha craze. Everything, from ice cream to donuts, has had a brush with matcha or green tea, and why not? Tea contains plenty of antioxidants and is less caffeinated than coffee. Surely you know someone who’s hooked into the tea craze, so why not give that person a mug in Greenery? It’s the perfect combination, don’t you think? A Greenery mug for someone who’s into green tea.

  1. Socks

As a kid, may have been less than thrilled when you received socks as a Christmas gift. But as you got older, you realized that wearing a new pair of socks gives the best feeling ever! Socks are warm and comfortable and, since summer is still a few months away, they do a great job of keeping toes toasty and cozy. Giving out a pair of Greenery colored sock can help jazz up a person’s wardrobe. So why not give the gift of color and add a bit of Greenery to someone’s white and black sock collection?

  1. Bath Towels

What makes bath time even better? Why, wrapping oneself in a green bath towel of course! Color is a powerful tool that can change a person’s mood and stress level, so dressing up or being surrounded by a specific color helps elevate a certain temperament. Greenery encapsulates nature’s gift of rejuvenation and natural beauty, so whenever someone is wrapped in this color, her/his mind sends a good tingling sensation throughout the body.

  1. Stuffed toys

This gift idea is perfect for kids or for someone who is very near and dear to you. Of course, when you’re thinking about stuffed animals in Greenery, frogs are the first thing to come to mind. Frogs aren’t bad gift choices because they have a certain charm about them. However, if the recipient isn’t a fan of frogs or toads, you can choose a different creature, like turtles, chameleons, grasshoppers, parrots, or fish.

  1. Houseplants

If the recipient of the gift is a nature-lover, you can go with a low-maintenance houseplant. Plants are not only great for the environment, they also bring a calming effect to one’s home and office. The five easiest houseplants to take care of include the fiddle leaf fig tree, kentia palm, Boston fern, split-leaf philodendron, and the banana tree.

With these gifts, you can be sure that your friends, colleagues, or loved ones will start 2017 armed with fashionable and useful items that will remind them of hope and rejuvenation.




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