Fun and Creative Ways to Use Your Photos

Fun and Creative Ways to Use Your Photos

How many times have you been out taking part in an activity, perhaps on vacation, or even relaxing with family and friends, and you’ve snapped a photo that turned out perfect? What do you end up doing with those photos? There’s a good chance you share them on social media, but then what? Why not take those special pictures and use them in a creative way? Here’s a look at some photo projects that will allow the shots to really shine.

Custom-Made Wall Art

Wall art is a wonderful way to add interest to your home. Typically, people will shop at a gallery, decorating store, or even a market to find that perfect artwork. Instead of buying someone else’s artwork, why not have your own wall art custom made? Did you know that there are places such as Fine Art America that can take your photo and then have a master artist digitally paint it by hand. The artist uses hand-painted brushstrokes so you know you’re getting extremely high quality artwork.

You’ll get a completely customized piece that no-one else has, and it’s a great way to immortalize that prized photo. This is especially fun to do with family portraits, pictures of a family cottage, and the family pet. Basically, photos that are near and dear to your heart.

Create Your Own Picture Book

You’ve probably heard of those “coffee table” books that are meant to be picked up and browsed through by visitors. Instead of just picking some random book to place on your coffee table, why not create your own professional looking picture book. There are many services and apps that allow you to use your photos and create a book out of them. Some even offer customization tools so you can really personalize the look of the book.

If you’re going to do this project it’s best to pick a theme for the book and then include photos that stick with the theme. For example, maybe you create a book of your summer vacation, your spouse’s milestone birthday party, your child’s school year, etc.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Why not take inspiration from the art galleries and create your own photo gallery wall at home? The great thing about a gallery wall is that you can constantly be changing the photos that appear on the wall so there is a constant rotation. This allows you to display many of your most favorite pictures. You can even give a theme to the wall that will coordinate with the time of year, season, holiday, etc.

As for how to display the photos, you can do something traditional such as picture frames, or opt for something a bit more unique such as hanging clipboards, twine with clothespins, or even using bookshelves.

You Get to Be the Artist

Photo projects give you a chance to be the artist and create pieces that are as unique as the photo itself. Using your own photos as décor is a fabulous way to personalize the space and make it more inviting.

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