Foreo Luna 2 Facial Cleansing Brush Review

Foreo Luna Face cleansing

Being in the fashion industry as a successful model was never an easy job for me, although I knew I am born to become one.

Importance of Skincare

You need to take the best care for yourself to make you appear appealing and attractive in front of the camera.  Skincare is very important for each one of us. Especially for the models like me who need to look picture perfect. Good skin also makes you feel confident wherever you go.

To take care of my skin I was looking for such a product which can facial cleanse in a short span of time. Also, in a hassle-free manner.  Just then I came across the product LUNA 2. It is basically an enhanced sonic facial massager and cleanser. Luna 2 is one of the products which are designed by FOREO. It is available for 4 different skin types: combination, oily, normal, and sensitive skin.

Foreo Luna

Let me share a few things about this unique product:

  • The Luna 2 is basically a facial cleansing brush which is made out of medical-grade silicone
  • The brush uses unique T-Sonic power for gently exfoliating the skin. It is also used for removing dead skin cells & clearing clogged pores. It also removes dirt as well as oil responsible for causing adult acne.
  • Luna 2 is a two-sided brush – one side is for dead skin cell exfoliating. The other side is for anti-ageing treatment with the use of lower frequency pulses for erasing the fine lines and wrinkles for a firm elastic skin look.

Depending on your skin type you need to pick the right set of Luna 2. Create a good lather on your face using your facial cleanser and then make the Luna 2 wet. Turn on the device and increase or decrease the vibration using + or – sign and make circular movements in different areas of the face excluding the eyes. The device will signal you when one area treatment is over and when you need to move to the next area of the face.

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There are 4 areas to be covered which are cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. Once the 4 areas are over the device will stop vibrating and indicate to wash off your cleanser with water. Check out the Foreo Luna 2 price in India at

Foreo Luna Face cleansing

If you are using any serum or facial oil then apply the same on the anti-ageing side and again put on the device and make movement in circulation motion on your face. This will help to absorb the oil by the skin reducing the fine lines. Once done put off the device and wash it using gentle liquid soap and water. Pat the device dry once cleaned.

How to use Luna 2

Final Thoughts

I strongly believe in the fact that I made a good investment for my skincare regime by having this amazing device Luna 2. I use it regularly from last 2 months and the result is just awesome. The price is definitely at the higher side but if you care for you and your skin you will not mind buying it.

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