Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably

Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably

Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably


Hello Girls,  No need to worry how you comfort with your heels .It has been said that when a woman dons on her favorite pair of stilettos, she is not only closer to heaven but is out to conquer the world as well. In fact, a pair of stiletto shoes has been said to be the epitome of sophisticated and elegant fashion, and when a woman wears a pair, she immediately gets a boost in height, sex appeal and confidence.

Unfortunately, the shoe is also representative of the various lengths a woman would go just to look beautiful. Womenfolk would all universally agree that wearing a pair of stilettos for a prolonged time is akin to standing on your tiptoes the entire day. Undoubtedly, a high-heeled pair may be a woman’s best friend, but they definitely dislike the soreness associated with it. Fortunately, there are techniques as to how one can comfortably strut, walk and saunter in these shoes without suffering from blisters, sore toes, and feet after that. So, if you are planning to take your favorite wholesale steve madden pair for a night out in town, read these tips so would not only feel fashionable, but comfortable in your sexy stilettos as well. Fashion blog

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you up physically and emotionally” –Christian Louboutin

Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably
Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably

Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably are :-

1.)    Wear the right size

Having the right size for a shoe is paramount to comfortable walking, but this becomes even more crucial when you are sporting a pair of high heels. Remember that when you are donning a pair of stilettos, your heel is elevated which would essentially push your toes to the front of your shoes. Wearing a shoe size too small for you would cause your toes undue pain considering that you are necessarily cramping your foot. The dynamics of choosing a stiletto shoe are far different from selecting a regular shoe. This is because you would have to give your feet some allowance because pressure is exerted on your toes and wearing a size just right for you would make it feel cramped (Remember, you are pushing your entire foot forward). Preferably go half-a-size bigger than your standard size to ensure comfort. Lifestyle blog


2.)    Opt for a thicker heel

When it comes to maintaining balance while walking around on stiletto shoes, the heels matter the most. The thinner the heel of your stilettos, the more likely your foot would wobble around. If you are wearing a pair of heels on a regular basis, it might be best to switch it up now and then but if wearing stilettos every day is inevitable, at least opt for a chunkier and thicker heel.


3.)    Go for styles with buckles and straps

Buckles and straps keep your feet in place and would ensure that your feet are snuggled well inside the sole of your shoe. Additionally, it would help avoid the rubbing and irritation which consequently causes your feet blisters. Besides, strappy high heels definitely look sexier than those that come without them.

Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably
Five Ways to Strut In Stilettos Comfortably

4.)    Break them in and stretch them out

Purchasing a new pair of high heels would mean you would have to stretch them out and break them in before they can formally make their debut on one your night outs. This is to give them a bit of flexibility which can be achieved through a shoe stretcher you can use at home, or to a local cobbler. Similarly, if you know you are going to use them for a prolonged period for an affair or event, it would help if you wore them and walked in them before you wear them on the big day.


5.)    Change your gait and the way you walk

Wearing high heels has been associated with good posture, but there have been no conclusive studies that would evidently show that it does improve it. Although, a significant change you would notice when you are wearing heels is that you are less likely to slouch and are more apt to have a gait that is more appropriate and proper than you are when you are wearing flats. This is because when you are wearing heels, you are constrained to a particular way of carrying yourself that would require you to have a better posture. Remember, heels are not sneakers, and you would find that you cannot easily run in them as you would with sneakers, so you have to carry yourself differently.  For a more comfortable walk (and better posture), use your core muscles and stand up straight. Emulate how a model would walk on the ramp and use your hips and legs to move forward and remember the golden rule: it should feel like a bounce rather than a stride.



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