Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have

Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have

Do you follow the latest trends? Do you read Vogue cover to cover? Do your friends always come to you for fashion advice? Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have – If you answered yes to all these questions, then there is no doubt about it. You are definitely a certified fashionista!

As a style guru, you will agree that any self-respecting fashionista must have these five accessories.

Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have

Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have
Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have


A pair of sunglasses is a fashionista’s best friend. Of course, we all know shades are not only worn when it’s sunny. They will disguise you from the paparazzi, hide dark under-eye circles from late nights partying with the it-crowd and give you the air of mystery that any fashionista needs.

Play around with different shapes, frames and colours to find the perfect pair for your face.

Statement Jewelry

Dress up any outfit with some bold accessories. The right jewelry can turn any outfit from drab to fab!

Select a couple of on-trend looks that suit your style and taste and invest in some good quality pieces.

Chokers have made a comeback from the 1990s, but they are no longer a strip of velvet or stretchy plastic. They now come in a huge variety of materials. Choose from gold, leather, lace and even feathers Pendant necklaces with strong eye-catching designs will become an immediate talking point and stacking your fingers with combinations of chunky and delicate rings will give your hands an edgy look. Decorate your lobes with a single statement earring or an ear cuff and a luxury watch adorning your wrist will never go out of style. Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have

Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have 1
Five Accessories a Certified Fashionista Must Have 1

Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) has been fashionista’s wardrobe staple for decades. Select one that is simple, versatile and, most importantly, flattering, and it will see you through any occasion.

That’s the best thing about a LBD – you can dress it up or dress it down, depending on where you are wearing it.

Keep your hair and makeup simple, slip on a pair of flats, tie a printed scarf around your neck and you’re fashionably casual. Turn the same dress into the perfect evening outfit by changing into a pair of sky-high heels, and twisting your hair up into a sleek updo.


A great-fitting pair of jeans should feel like a second skin. You would happily wear them all day and night.  Find a pair that feel amazing on and also make you look totally fabulous.

Flaunt your body in a pair of figure-hugging skinny-legged jeans or get comfortable in some boyfriend jeans. Roll up the cuffs to ¾-length and show off strappy sandals in summer and leather ankle boots in the cooler months.

Embrace retro trends of wide-legged or flared jeans and experiment with white or neutral-colored denim.

A Designer Handbag

Forget the oversized totes from past seasons. Smaller, structured and eclectically patterned purses have been seen being clutched by celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Embrace the mini bag trend or choose one a little bigger to hold your essentials. Sunglasses, lipstick and cell. Don’t forget to keep a personal care kit handy in your purse. A set of travel wipes will help you stay on top of your personal hygiene and have you red carpet ready in no time, wherever you go.

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