Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget

Between the couple for whom the engagement ring is everything and the couple who doesn’t bother with one, it will probably be you. Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget , You want the perfect engagement ring, something your fiancé will not only love, but realize after receiving it that it is what she always wanted. Consider, too, that this is a piece of precious jewellery she’ll wear every day. It’s a gorgeous piece of daily jewellery, with a lot of significance and meaning.

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget
Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Whatever Your Budget

Too many couples/men lament that they’ll never be able to afford the ring she deserves. Fear not! With a careful assessment of your budget, and thoughtful planning, your goal is absolutely within reach. There will be many places in which you’ll be confronted with rings. How do you know you’re choosing the right one? Well, you can expect the best from Simon West Fine Jewellery is a dream shop, where unique rings are designed and made by a skilled craftsman.

A significant aspect to consider when choosing and buying an engagement ring is that this is an investment. It is a tiny piece of wearable art and the value of which is going to increase.  The average Australian spends $5,000.00 on an engagement ring (and it’s almost one thousand more in the United States).


Finding the perfect ring within your budget may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it can be accomplished

The Jeweller and the Diamond

  • Start by choosing a jeweller who is a member of either or both Jewellers Association of Australia and/or Diamond Guild Australia.
  • Find out as much information as you can, regarding the jeweller and their reputation.
  • Arrive at the jeweller’s shop armed with questions (for example, ask if the diamond has been treated).
  • Be sure the shop has excellent lighting so you can see the diamond you’re considering in the very best light
  • Ask for the grading certificate (of any diamond more than half-a-carat).
  • Get a detailed receipt.
  • Ask for a valuation certificate
  • Know the “4 Cs” of diamonds – cut, carat, clarity and colour.
  • Ask a jeweller to detail the difference between a “perfect” and “near perfect” diamond and what the “naked” eye can see and what a jeweller’s loop will show you.


The Actual Ring

Set, Match, Point! You may want a larger stone, but a larger stone in the same quality as the smaller stone you’re seriously considering is going to catapult you out of your budget. A good jeweller will tell you about some secrets of the trade: you can create an illusion with the smaller stone – based on the setting. You can choose smaller diamonds to surround the “main” stone. The diamond will look larger and the stone becomes more interesting. Fashion blog

  • Opt for a lower-profile prong (the stone will look larger)
  • If your ring is not in platinum, ask the jeweller to make the prongs platinum
  • An Emerald cut diamond – because it has fewer facets will look more significant.

Engagement ring budget tips can be found on the super-popular-with-brides-to-be website, The Knot. How much should you spend on an engagement ring? This may be a sobering thought or a relief, depending on how “good” you are with your money before you realized you not only want to propose, but want to do so with great engagement ring. The finance-focus site “Money Under 30” helps you figure it all out. For feedback that resembles the kind of advice you get from friends and family, you might want to check out the popular thread Reddit.

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