Explore the History of Old School Tattoos

Explore the History of Old School Tattoos

Explore the History of Old School Tattoos

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The design of old school tattoos came into existence ages ago but became quite popular around 1920s. The characteristics of these tattoos are large and bold. The images that are formed are with solid colors. The artists prefer to color the outlines of these images with blue or black. The main reason to create bold designs is because the techniques that are used today are very different. It is not the same what it used to be earlier. Gradually the art of tattooing using old school techniques became popular. Later, it was commercialized by tattoo artists and people would be flocking to the artists to get inked.

Explore the History of Old School Tattoos Why was the Designs Simple Earlier?


  • Initially the ink and the quality of machines were not very good hence the designs were simple. It used to be also bold so that it could be worn all the time.
  • The simplicity of the tattoos reflects the fact that the artists in those days were not well trained, or didn’t have enough tools. They could not create elaborate images due to these hindrances.
  • The stencils that were used in the olden days were very bold. The designs that were created earlier used to be cut into acetate. The next step used to be rubbing powdered charcoal on the design before it was applied on the skin. The charcoal that was applied used to smear quickly over the skin creating a simplistic design.
  • The old school tattoos have many symbols. The artists have a wide selection of such tattoos. The most popular among them are like images of birds, patriotic symbols, snakes, hearts etc.
Explore the History of Old School Tattoos
Explore the History of Old School Tattoos

Difference between Old School and New School Tattoos

  • The characteristics of both the school of tattoos differ in characteristics. The style of old school tattoos is known as traditional or classic.
  • It was easy to identify the old school tattoos. The characteristics were very easy to identify. This includes the black and thick lines as well as the absence of total color.
  • The designs include elements such as animal faces, anchors, hearts, skulls, roses, big cats, etc.
  • The new school on the other hand used wide variety of colors that was blended in water.
  • The artists also use different needles in new school of tattoos. These have delicate features and have many details like the shadows used for different purposes.
  • Unlike old school tattoos the new school images are bright and electric. The color changes and gradients create a perception of the person who is doing the tattoo as well as the one who adorns it. Lifestyle blog
Explore the History of Old School Tattoos
Explore the History of Old School Tattoos

Types of Old School Tattoos

  1. The old school tattoos are very traditional in nature; the artists molded them in many forms in order to make them contemporary. One is the compass tattoo. This is one of the most well-known tattoos that stand for inspiration and direction. It is popular among sailors, adventurers and navigators.
  2. The other variety in old school is the Native American tattoos. This is related to tribal life and this was an important element in old designs. The designs are symbolic of tribal customs and traditions.
  3. The heart tattoo is considered to be the crucial part of emotions and feelings. It is related to love, friendship and compassion. They are the most famous form of old school tattoos preferred by people in love.
  4. The swallow tattoos is another type of old school tattoo. They are designed to associate with health, freedom and prosperity. It is a symbol of protection and strength too. This design was loved by common people and used to express loyalty and was introduced by sailors.

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