Everyuth Pure And Light Tan Removal Brightening Facial Kit

everyuth face pack

Hi, all hope you are doing well. Well, am right here with another product review as this time it is for Everyuth pure and light tan removal brightening facial kit. Being a full time model I need to be very cautious about the skin quality and can’t afford to use anything less than the best for it.

It is basically a Tan removal pack which I am going to review this time. The Pack Contains:

Brightening Lemon and Cherry Facewash

This face wash is an ideal one for oily skin; it will take away the excess oil from skin without letting you feel dry. Everyuth Brightening lemon cherry face wash is made out of extracts of lemon and cherry to keep the skin healthy. You just need to take a little bit of it and mix with few drops of water to create lather and apply on face. Gently move your fingers to cover each corner of your face and then wash thoroughly with water. You will get flawless oil-free skin with a clean and refreshing look. With daily use, it will improve your complexion and reduce dryness and enhance skin elasticity. First, you need to wash face with this face-wash before you move to the next step.

everyuth face pack

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Pure & Light Tan Removal Scrub

It is very important to scrub the tanned skin to brighten it up and Pure & Light Tan Removal Scrub will be a healthy choice for this purpose.  It contains a perfect combination of Vitamin rich cherry and detoxifying chocolate and offers a mild as well as a sweet traditional fragrance which will soothe your mind also. When you apply the same on your face and gently massage using your fingertips it will remove the tanned skin. Do the massage in a circular motion and wash with water. Do it 2-3 times a week for best results.

Pure & Light Tan Removal Massage Cream

Your skin needs pampering and so after face wash and scrubbing, you need a good face massage. Take the massage cream in your finger in the required amount and massage your face in a circular motion for about 4 to 5 mins. It will make proper blood circulation and make your face look rejuvenated. Now clean your face with tissue paper before you apply the pack.

  • Pure & Light tan removal face pack: It’s excellent for all skin type and removes skin dullness and tan. Besides skin brightening, it nourishes the skin, removes tan and Detoxifies skin. It has a creamy texture with a thick consistency. Apply it evenly all over your face and neck and leave for 15 minutes. Now wash it with water and pat dry with a towel. The pack is having a chocolaty cherry mixed smell which I like personally but many may not because of its strong fragrance. You will notice a drastic glow and elegance in your skin which you never have seen before. I personally felt that I found a much younger and vibrant skin which made me feel like sweet sixteen.
  • Pure & Light tan removal Serum: This serum is created combining the power extracts of brightening cherry extracts with the skin conditioning properties of chocolates. It makes the better penetration of the actives deep within the skin and works really faster to show up the results on your face. It erases tan from within and gives a glowing, smoother and healthy skin.


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Final Thoughts

All in all the facial kit from Everyuth is both excellent in quality and affordability and can be a great asset for both men and women who need to face the Sun and its piercing rays daily. Try it and you will not be disappointed. As a model and travel freak, I strongly recommend this product.

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