Emerging Jewellery Designers You Need To Know in 2019


Hi folks! Today let’s discourse about the most lucrative and fascinating part of our styling regime, and I bet you can never have enough of them. Yes, here I am aiming at jewelry, which is nowadays not limited to ladies but men also showing key interest in having their collection.

For a sumptuous and classy look, you must have some statement jewelry pieces like a necklace or a pair of stunning earrings make you stand out of the crowd. But if you want to upgrade or to add some new articles to the collection, then there are wondrous rising
designers to invest.

The jewelry designers show their technical skills, originality, artistic value and innovation in their work and deliver beautiful jewels including fascinating body jewelry which is in trend. Many brands or designers are available online. One can easily explore them and choose the best place to buy body jewelry online from the comfort of your house.

Scroll down to know about the emerging jewelry designers of 2019.

Luz Ortiz:- The New York-based jewelry designers introduced amazing collection which comprises of simple hoops to sterling silver shell-inspired studs which are the ground-breaking architectural creations. You will get sundry refreshing and new pieces from this designer which fit amazingly well with your outfit’s rotation. She has bracelets, rings, earrings, and beautiful necklaces like a sterling silver chain which is perfect for everyday wear Innovative.

Bia Tambelli:- She is the young emerging jewelry designer from Brazil, and her jewels reflect her passion for beautiful stones. Bia always sets various stones beautifully in the jewelry, making it more aesthetic. Her unique and artistic designs positively make you buy one. Trinade, Portal, and Arpia are the three collections launched by this emerging designer which give you the freedom to pick according to your taste.

Nina Oikawa:- From exquisite rings, pendants, and bracelets, all are there in Nina Oikawa collection. The Melbourne based jeweler brings fun and eccentricity to her jewelry designs. She beautifully engraved the pearl and ruby in the trinkets that they look like a tipping point where modern met unique.

Kelsey Lim:- If you are tired of wearing the traditional round hoop and frantically looking for a refreshing design in hoop, then turn to Abel. Kelsey Lim is the designer who is designing different pieces like organically shaped earrings, look a little like avocado and the latest in-store is pearl shaped earring with a pearl embellishment in the center. Her jewelry has been thoughtfully designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

Jessica Pass:- If you are in love with nature-inspired jewelry, then Jessica pass is the name for you. Yes, this British designer makes you feel wow with her amazing nature-inspired jewelry whether you need a pair of earring or a contemporary necklace. She loves to highlight inner details and creating unseen elements. If you look at her cicada necklace, and flying cicada ring you will be fervent to have one of those in your box. Hope the above-given content may guide you with the best place to buy high quality
body jewelry and from the best designer.
Good luck!

Author Bio: Ranjana is a creative writer and a fashion enthusiast. she encourages her readers to get their best style and fashion statements by sharing personal tips. she gives the scoop on fashion and jewelry trends.


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