Drive Your Way Into Nature. Experience Wilderness in and Around Bangalore

Drive your way into nature. Experience wilderness in and around Bangalore

Bangalore, one of the largest cities in India is also the fastest growing IT hub earning it the nickname of Silicon Valley of the country. In addition to being the IT capital, Bangalore is also famous for its cool climate and green cityscape. While a lot of people come to visit Bangalore for business and tourism purposes, many use Bangalore as a gateway to access the adjoining hill stations, forests, treks and other nature trails. Bangalore boasts of a scenic vicinity dotted with national parks, waterfalls and abundant natural beauty, making it a preferred destination for people looking to spend their time at these getaways.

Into Serendipity

Reaching to these nature hotspots is not at all difficult from Bangalore as there are various modes of transportation available. Right from private and Government buses to taxis, cabs and railways, there is usually good connectivity from Bangalore in all directions. One of the most convenient ways to travel to these locations is to do so by a car, and the option gets even better when one opts for self drive car hire option to complete the journey. The benefits of having one’s own car are multifold. To start with, one can eliminate the need to change different buses or trains. The traveller can kick-start the journey right from the point of arrival in Bangalore, be it the railway station or the airport. One is free to choose the route to one’s destination. Attend meetings in Bangalore and then move ahead for a good long drive, or catch up with friends. Whatever it may be, a self drive option gives one the flexibility to move as one likes.

Complete Peace of Mind

Having a self drive car frees one from the shackles of an ever ticking meter and gives the freedom to travel at will. Most importantly, a self drive cab offers complete independence from a driver. Moreover, one is free to choose the car of one’s choice. Companies that offer car rentals in Bangalore such as Zoomcar have a wide range of comfortable cars, both sedan and hatchback, to select from, so that one can pick the car one wants to drive. Booking a car is also very simple and can be done with the click of a button via the mobile app or website. Such cars also come with free fuel, limited insurance coverage, all India permit and other bundled perks to make every journey hassle free.

A Viable Option For a Seamless Plan

If one plans to roam around Bangalore or go outstation to any of the numerous holiday getaway spots, picking up a car is the best option to explore the wilderness that nature has to offer. With as many pit stops and detours as one likes, one will never be far away from the surprises and hidden nature treats that a road trip offers. A self drive car is a sure shot recipe for complete peace of mind and adds more fun to every much-deserved break.

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