Decollete massage: all you need to know before slipping into the spa robe

Decollete massage

Décolletage massage comes from a French word Décolleter, which means, to expose the neck. Many spas and massage centers are now including décolleté massages in their regular regimes. They are becoming a part of regular facials too. Today, we will answer one of the most popular questions in the history of beauty and massage, “what is the decollete massage all about?”

What is a Décolletage massage?

This special massage focuses on the area above a woman’s upper chest up to the jawline. This stretches across the shoulders and the upper back too. Decollete massage: all you need to know before slipping into the spa robe ,This extremely soothing form of massage is not just relaxing; it also helps with the lifting and firming of the skin on the neck.

Most spas will go this massage as an addition to your regular facials. Some new-age massage parlors and spas also offer exclusive Décolletage massages that do not take the focus away from the region of concern. They use special serums, firming gels and youth restoring vitamin in oils to massage the neck area.

How is it different from regular spas and massages?

The massage is quite different from regular facial massages. Here is how-

During decollete massages, the therapist will gently massage your face in small circular motions and extend the motion to your neck as well. Experts usually follow this up by firm upwards strokes of their palms, which stretches the skin on the neck and upper chest upwards towards your jawline. This is the most important part of the restorative massage. It seeks to rejuvenate sagging skins, removes dead cells and helps incorrect distribution of collagen that will hold the skin firmly on your neck.

What are the advantages of a decollete massage?

Decollete massages can also mobilize the lymphatic vessels in the area. In combination with facial massages, it works towards detoxification of your skin by mechanical pressure and dexterous finger movements. It will help you with sinus pressure problems, breathing problems and congestion. Beauty blog

Above all, it is an excellent stress buster. It will elevate your mood and relieve anxiety. The moment, the therapist reaches your shoulders and upper back; you will feel the stress melt away like wax in a candle.

Decollete massage is great for exfoliation and cleansing. Extensive massage with essential oils provides much-needed nourishment to your facial skin and neck skin. Your neck muscles can also derive relaxation and nutrition from these massages.

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Unlike chemical peels and skin tucking surgeries, these organic massages have no adverse side effects. You can start signing up for similar massages from your 20s to save up on your youth. There is no “ideal” age to begin a neck massage regime. If you travel a lot in the sun and the pollution, you must at least try getting a complete facial and Décolletage massage once in a month. Since, once the signs of age set in, it is challenging to get rid of them by natural means.

Author Bio: Maria Kelly is a beauty blogger. She has been working with leading beauty magazines, blogs and publications for the last 20 years. If you want to know what is the decollete massage, follow Kelly’s blog.

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