The Dating Advice Everyone Needs to Stop Following

When it comes to love, everyone wants to have the perfect partner who thinks just like them, who likes the same things, and who acts the same way. In reality, this rarely happens. For those who find their soulmate, they will tell you that a relationship is beautiful like a rose, but that it still has its thorns. The only difference among various relationships is how well the couples are able to solve disputes and to understand one another. In a busy world where you barely have time to socialize, people have chosen to look for love through dating sites. Finding your perfect match is now easy because can connect you with a person who is in line with your specifications. Falling in love is easy, but keeping the romance alive requires making the right decisions. Also, it requires some useful advice that can help to build your relationship. However, there is some dating advice that is just wrong. Below is some dating advice that everyone should ignore:

Comparing Your Relationship With Others

We are all unique, and there is no standard of what a couple should be like. Comparing your partner with someone else makes them feel that they are not valued. People may show you the happy side of their relationship, but that does not mean that they don’t have disagreements. There are different faces that we all have: the one you wear when you are alone, the one you show to your close friends, and the one you put on when you are in public. So, stop comparing yourself to the public face that many couples show, and instead concentrate on discovering what makes the two of you happy.

No Privacy

Your partner owes you explanations on anything that affects your relationship, but they also have the right to their personal space, which they may not want you to interfere with. It is always good to give your partner some privacy and independence for your relationship to last. Trying to access your partner’s information on their social life, their private devices, and their money without their consent can create severe disputes and mistrust, and may lead to them withdrawing from you. Being in love does not equate losing your identity.


Trying to outdo your partner and winning all the arguments will only kill your relationship. Your strength should be helping your partner, and not creating a rivalry. A perfect relationship is the one in which couples play equal roles in nurturing the relationship to grow.

Hiding Your Feelings

Starting a serious relationship with someone means that they are going to be a part of your life. Since we all have different likes and dislikes, it is good to let your partner know what makes you happy, or what upsets you. Being open with your partner may make you feel vulnerable, but that is the only way to learn about each other. Talking out issues as they arise will also avoid building up frustration and bitterness.

Your Partner Should Not Change

There is a stage in dating at which many couples break up. When your partner is no longer all over you, you may start feeling like you are no longer loved. It is a stage at which you also start getting irritated by your partner’s silly mistakes, and you blow everything out of proportion. Instead of forcing them to do the things you want, be the one to start doing them, and with patience, the love will come back. Changing the environment and spending time together can also help to improve the situation. You don’t have to break up. It is only a stage that is going to pass sooner than you can imagine.

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