Clearabee’s Green Rubbish Removal Aligns With the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Clearabee's Green Rubbish Removal Aligns With the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Years ago, people would have scoffed at the prospect of rubbish being turned into fashionable garments. Indeed, sustainable fashion is now popular, having spilled into the mainstream in surprisingly little time. There is a growing push for modern society to develop in a more sustainable manner. Fashion recycling through green rubbish removal is one of the many ways in which we can preserve our increasingly fragile surroundings.

Green Fashion

Green fashion, also known as eco fashion and sustainable fashion, stretches from the manner in which clothing is produced to how it is consumed and reused for myriad purposes. While plenty of the top clothing companies have made the production phase of garment creation more sustainable, there is also a push for clothes buyers to reuse and recycle garments. Consider that the production of cotton mandates enormous amounts of water, land, energy and chemicals. Clearabee’s Green Rubbish Removal Aligns With the Sustainable Fashion Movement  , The use of cotton for garments can only go on for so long as natural resources are quickly dwindling. The overarching philosophy of green fashion is to create a system of clothing production and use that can be supported across posterity. After all, there is no need to wear a dress or skirt a couple times at social events only to eventually trash it because it has gone out of style. Fashion blog

The Trailblazers of Sustainable Fashion

The sustainable fashion movement has roots going back to the late 1980s and early portion of the 1990s when the founders of ESPRIT and Patagonia began analyzing the impacts of fibers used in their clothing. The result of this analysis was a lifecycle assessment for Patagonia’s cotton, polyester, nylon and wool. ESPRIT keyed in on using cotton in a sustainable manner as this material was utilized in 90 percent of its garments at that point in time. The eco-friendly fashion principles adopted by these companies spawned the green fashion movement geared toward sustainable clothing and fashion accessories. Clothing made of green materials like organic cotton, naturally processed wool, recycled wool, low impact dyes, non-electroplated hard wear and naturally colored cotton soon followed. There is now a focus on reducing the environmental impact of products through material provenance and fabric/fiber processing. This ethos overlaps with that of Clearabee’s green rubbish removal. Our aim is to eliminate rubbish in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

When it comes to green fashion, it can be argued that the Swedes are pushing boundaries much more than others. Numerous Swedish fashion enterprises use recycled materials to create their garments. Some have even launched fashion rental systems for clothing and accessories. There is also a growing push to produce garments that stand the test of time in terms of durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Garments that have a truly timeless design can be worn for decades without going out of style. Certain companies like H&M have established recycling systems that support textile recycling. Others are making use of textiles certified to meet fair trade and environmental standards for the greenest possible garments.

Sustainable Fashion Looks Good and Safeguards Your Surroundings

Consider the following statistic before you trash that old evening gown, hat, sweater, dress or shirt: Earth Pledge reports around 8,000 chemicals are required to convert raw materials into textiles. Add in the fact that one-quarter of the world’s pesticides are used for growing non-organic cotton and it is clear that the purchase-wear-trash cycle of clothing is making a massively negative impact on the planet. In fact, the fashion industry is the second largest source of global pollution. It is quite concerning to learn the average American throws away upwards of 70 pounds of clothing each year. It is time to start recycling, donating and selling old clothes that have lost their luster. Clearabee’s green rubbish removal is leading the way.

Though a particular pair of aged pants or a blouse might not suit your tastes in 2017, those garments can certainly be used by another person or recycled for another purpose. Clearabee’s green rubbish removal experts are here to ensure your old garments do not go to waste. Our rubbish removal experts strive to find a useful purpose for all items we pick up. Items that can’t be recycled will either be donated or disposed of in the greenest possible manner. Clearabee’s commitment is to our customers as well as the environment and those who will inhabit the planet in the years to come.

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