Christmas Party Fashion Trends for 2016

Christmas Party Fashion Trends for 2016

Christmas Party Fashion Trends for 2016

If you plan on attending one or more Christmas parties this season, then there’s no doubt you’ve already started thinking about your outfit. Christmas Party Fashion Trends for 2016 Before you make your decision, you may want to take a look at what’s currently trending in the world of fashion so you can add an element or two to your outfit. Of course, it’s always a great idea to add your own personal touch to the current trends.

Christmas Party Fashion Trends for 2016

Lace as Far as the Eye Can See

One of the most popular trends this fall and winter is the use of lace. This can be found anywhere from camisoles, inlays in trousers, overlays on dresses and skirts, and full lace blouses. For those who aren’t really a huge fan of lace you can still give a nod to the trend by opting for a piece that just adds a touch of it, say at the shoulders or neckline.

As far as what color of lace to look for, you’ll find all different color variations available. If you want to keep your piece versatile, it’s always wise to opt for a neutral color that will work with different pieces and looks.

Velvet Pieces in Rich Jewel Tones

Velvet has once again made a comeback and is popping up on runways and stores all over the country. When it comes to the Christmas party this is one trend that works exceptionally well. Depending on how much you want to embrace the trend you can go all out and wear a full velvet suit (jacket and trousers), or you can just add one piece to your outfit. As suggested, you will want to stick to jewel tones such as green, red, purple, and burgundy to stay on trend.

The Mini Dress

Here’s a question: is there ever a time where the mini dress isn’t a current fashion trend? As usual, this makes for an excellent party option. If you want to go that extra mile and have it look festive, then pick a dress that features sequins, sparkles, metallic, or even lace. Keep in mind with the mini dress you want to keep the accessories at a minimal, so the dress can stand out and be the star.

Diamond Jewelry

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect jewelry, which is both fashionable and something you can wear again, then there is no better option than diamonds. You can look for something simple and elegant, or more of a statement piece depending on your personal preference. Take a look at and you’ll find there are all kinds of different options that will work with today’s hottest clothing trends, and with various budgets.

Let Your Personal Style Shine

No matter what trend you decide to include in your outfit it’s always important that you need to put your own personal touch on it and let your personality shine. Many of these trends also allow for a bit of mix-and-matching, which gives you a chance to be the stylist. Remember, it’s all about having fun at the party while being comfortable.







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