Chanderi-Kurtis Wearing Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

Kurtis are the easiest attires to wear and this is one of the reasons why they are very popular in India and becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world. They are also loved by millions of women because of their versatility and in the pleasure of always knowing that you can pull just any look you want with them. Whether you need the right attires for school, office or evening party on a Friday afternoon, you only need to search minimally and you will find the right Channel-Kurtis Befitting The Occasion.

However, some people are unable to enjoy the versatility of these Indian wears despite them being so versatile. Discussed here are some of the Kurtis wearing mistakes you could be making and which could be preventing you from looking your absolute best with them. Check them out and ensure you don’t fall a victim next time.

Choosing the wrong fabric

In as much as there are a number of fabrics used to make Kurtis, it should be known to everyone that not all fabrics are ideal for these kinds of wear. There are a few unscrupulous traders who are keen on taking advantage of the increase in demand for the wears and they are have resorted to using wrong materials in making the attires and selling to unsuspecting buyers.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester should never be used for Kurtis, and should you find any made from synthetic fabrics, you should avoid them like a hot coal. This is because such fabric is never good in flattering the body and since most people dress to impress with their looks, you may never achieve the best looks when you buy Kurtis made From Synthetic Fabrics. The best fabrics to choose from include cotton or silk.

Choosing Without Considering Your Body Type

Since one of the reasons for your dressing is appearance, it is very important that you take into account the body type you have when buying your chanderi-kurtis; you can visit Stylecaret To Checkout Variety of Kurtis for various body types at affordable price. The good news is that the Kurtis are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and all you have to do is discover the type of body you have and then spend some time getting the right wear. For example, if you are curvy, you should always go for well-fitted Kurtis so that they can enhance your waist and hips and make you look at your best. But if you have a petite frame and you decide to go for a long jacket, it will create an impression of elongated limbs, thus giving a wrong impression of you.

Not Knowing How To Choose A Matching Lingerie

Wearing different colored underwear is a great problem for many women in the fashion industry, and not just to those wearing Kurtis. It is important to know how to choose the right color or your underwear that will blend well or will be well concealed with the Kurtis. For example, if you are having a translucent Kurtis, you should never ever wear a black bra with it. The recommendation is that for a black bra, you should always go for darker shades of Kurtis and for and for white Kurtis, nude bras will always work the best.

Choosing The Wrong Size

If you want to get your dressing right – Any Kind Of Dressing, then you must know how to choose the right size. Most women have ended up abusing the versatility of Kurtis simply because they can easily through them over and get going. Yes, you will have a cloth on you, but it will fail to bring out the befitting elegance it was supposed to create.

This is why it is never recommended to buy ready-made Kurtis since you are never certain if it will fit well. If you have to go for the ready-made options, choose ones that will be of a close fit to you, and consider taking them to your tailor for minor readjustments so that they can fit you well.

Wearing Kurtis With Lining Problem

It is appalling to find a good number of women strolling the streets with chanderi-kurtis whose linings are peeking out from under the hem. This is a huge fashion not just in Kurtis but in any other attire type, and it is also an embarrassment that should be avoided at all costs.

Wearing For The Wrong Occasions

There is no problem in going with Kurtis To The Office, and this is one of the reasons why so many women love them. However, you should know that not all Kurtis are great for the office environment, and also not all will work for a casual occasion or social events. It is imperative to have a very solid idea of what to wear for what occasions. For example, it would be inappropriate sequined anarkalis to the office when they are more befitting for weddings. In the same manner, it would feel very awkward to wear A-line Kurtis for evening parties when they are most suited for the office.

Wearing Kurtis With Too Much Bling

Though there is nothing wrong with accessorizing your Kurtis with jewelry, it is not necessary to put on too much bling that will drive attention from your looks in the Kurtis. Too much bling is when someone can notice that you are putting more than a couple at the same time. If you have to use your accessories, remember to keep them subtle and somber. Don’t let them contrast the color of the Kurtis.

Choosing The Wrong Length

For the best looks with Kurtis, it is important that you choose just the right length that will flatter your height and your body shape. Whether you need above the knees, below the knees or you want long ones that will touch your calf or ankles, just remember that if you are a tall lady, then you should go for tall Kurtis and if you are a short lady, then you should go for short Kurtis.

If you observe these simple mistakes, then you will be in a great position to get the most out of wearing your chanderi-kurtis. Always take your time to choose the right ones that will help bring out the best in you.In stylecaret you can find some of the most exclusive deals.

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