Finding a Great Restaurant in London After Work

restaurant in London

When you have that big meeting at the client’s office in London, sometimes all you will see are the hours of preparing and planning you will be going through in the preceding week. Then the meeting ends and you have to find somewhere to finally eat. Well, the good news is that you are in one of the culinary delights, London has a wide range of everything to offer and especially world-class restaurants. There are some you really shouldn’t miss.


When you walk into Scully, you cannot fail to see the influences on chef Ramael Scully’s like. Coming from a heritage of Irish, Balinese, Chinese and Indian backgrounds, the food Scully creates takes the best of all these influences. Take the less-than-classic 36 hours, slow-poached goat, which is served on a yoghurt flavoured with green chilli, pickled red onions and urd lentils.

There is nothing normal about Scully’s and it’s all the better for it.


If you have been to or heard of the Smoking Goat, then you will know of Ben Chapman. If you haven’t then this is going to be a real treat. Right in the heart of Soho, Kiln offers a minimalist dining experience with hints of Thailand infused throughout. Imagine the best of British meat, cooked over a firepit of chargrilled embers, then served with traditional Thai sauces. The flavours last in your memory for weeks.

The Barbary

The Barbary is renown for its outstanding food and the fact that you’ll have to queue. If you’re planning on heading to The Barbary, it’s wise to also book into London Apart Hotels and spend as long at the restaurant as you possibly can. The atmosphere is filled with the joyous sounds of laughter, music and the smell of great food.

Taking the best of the old Barbary Coast and enthusing it with modern Israel, the menu offers delights you’ve never heard of and will never encounter anywhere else.


Hoppers is proudly Sri Lankan. It does pure Sri Lankan food and nothing else. The way it specialises allows you to already know that it’s going to be world-class. Anyone first-time visitors must try the hoppers pancakes, from which the restaurant gets its name. It’s a small restaurant and therefore filled every night. The upside of this is the personalised experience you will get and you know that no two nights are ever going to be the same.

Smoke and Salt

Feel free to judge a restaurant housed in a shipping container, but then when you taste the food, you know you’ll be judging it in a hugely positive fashion. This ridiculously affordable pop-up ha to be high on any list. The mix of food changes with each fresh delivery, so it’s always worth popping in just to see what’s new.

Heading out to a restaurant after work is sometimes the best part of the day. One of these will definitely be the highlight of any week.

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