Celebrating Indian Independence With pride – 15th August


This year we are going to celebrate 72nd Independence Day of our nation and no doubt it is a proud moment for we all Indians irrespective of caste and creed.

The Day We Got Freedom

15th August 1947 was the day when the life of all Indians changed as we became a free nation. Indians achieved this day of great pride all because of the sacrifices and efforts of the freedom fighters. India got attained freedom after 200 years of British Rule.

Stories About Indian Independence

Since my childhood, I heard so many stories about our freedom fighters and their contribution towards making this nation free from the Britishers.


I am thankful to my parents who ensure that I know every bit of the contributions made by our freedom fighters through storytelling since my childhood. Today I am proud to say that I am an Indian. Since my childhood days, I used to gather my friends in the colony where I used to stay to celebrate this day uniquely and to pay tribute to those souls who fought for us. We used to organize flag hosting and sing our national anthem with pride.

Celebrations Around The Country

People all over the country celebrate this day in different styles keeping in mind the Indian culture and history.  Even today I ensure that I do something on this auspicious day to remember the lost heroic souls of Independence.  

I organize special events in my society along with children on this day and our seniors also join us to make it a happening one.

This year also we will start the day with Flag hoisting for celebrating Indian Independence day. Our society kids will sing National anthem and it’s my responsibility to check their practice once I get back home.


The adorable kids are our future and engaging them in such act I ensure that they know about our culture and the efforts of our freedom fighters to gift us free India.

Collaboration With NGO’s

I believe in making a green India and so I ensure to organize plantation drive in my locality along with few NGO’s and make arrangements for plants and plant distribution among people with collaboration of the forest department and NGO’s.

Visit Old Age Homes and an Orphanage

There are many kids and senior citizens who are deprived of love and affection. So on this auspicious day every year I along with my group of friends visit different old age homes and orphanages to distribute sweets, food items and certainly books for the kids. Their smile makes me and my friends feel so blessed.

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Patriotic Culture Programs

How can I end the day without organizing some patriotic cultural programs? Both my neighborhoods seniors and kids join me in this cultural feast. This year kids will be doing a patriotic drama on Netaji Subhas, followed by patriotic songs and dance.

This year besides being the organizer I will give a special performance with my friends which is still a surprise for all.

indian flag

For me being an Indian is a real matter of pride and 15th August is the day when I ensure that I do at least something on a small scale for my people and the nation at large.



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