Dharamshala: An Abode To Spiritualism and a Great Place To Enjoy Various Activities

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Recently I and my best friend got a chance to make a trip to Dharamshala. We were excited for the holiday and as per our expectations, the place treated us with a plethora of activities to do and things to explore. It was one of our memorable holidays that we relished to the fullest. It started from Delhi and we reached Dharamshala after an overnight journey. The very first glance of Dharamshala filled our mind and soul with the positive vibrations. The Dhauladhar ranges topped with snow, the misty morning, natural beauty and the tall deodars made the holiday amazing. 

Once we reached Dharamshala we checked in our hotel and after relaxing for a couple of hours we started exploring the place. Trust me, this was a great trip and once in a while, we all need such holidays to rejuvenate our senses. 

So, here are the few things that we did in Dharamshala and the point of interests that no one should miss. 

  • Mc Leod Ganj:- Being the home to His Holiness Dalai Lama ji, Mc Leod Ganj is a beautiful hill top that is also a Tibetan settlement where there is a beautiful temple for monks to practice their education in Buddhism. The view from this temple is breath taking and there are many cafes and shops from where we purchased some gifts for family and friends. 
  • Up from Mc Leod Ganj is Bhagsu Nag. There is a famous and traditional temple of Lord Shiva in Bhagsu Nag and there is a small waterpool where pilgrims and tourists take a holy dip. After walking up from Bhagsu nag there is a gorgeous waterfall and if your reach there before sunset, you can watch the beauty and natural colors of the fauna in the vicinity. After walking little up from the water fall is a famous café named, Shiva Café. The food there is amazing and the cafe offers a great view of the Dhauladhar ranges. This is one point from where we saw the trail for Triund Trek. 
  • On the other side of Bhagsu nag is Dharamkot. It is the starting point of many treks and the place is itself a gorgeous beauty. Also known as mini Israel, this is one of the coolest places in Dharamshala where you will find the hippie culture. On the top of Dharamkot there is a vipasana centre and if you want to practice vipasana they offer courses at various levels. 
  • There is a famous St. John church in Dharamshala, which is located just before Mc Leod Ganj, the church is located at Forset Ganj and it is a famous place of interest among Indian as well as foreign tourists. 
  • When you go little down towards the main town, there is a breathtaking Tea garden located in Chilgadi. This is a famous tea garden spread across the entire hillock and most of the Kangra Tea is grown in this garden. We smelled the aroma of tea and enjoyed the trip to its fullest.

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