One Day Trip With TheGypsyRhapsody At Tarangi Resort – Jim Corbett

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Hello, Friends, I’m back again to share with you one of my latest and most adventurous, fun-filled and memorable trips?

Any guesses friends……. Yes, you got it right and it was a fantabulous trip to Jim Corbett courtesy TheGypsyRhapsody.

I must call myself lucky that being a blogger I get so much opportunity to enjoy sponsored trip. We were 10 lucky bloggers whom TheGypsyRhapsody picked for this unique trip to Tarangi Resort Uttarakhand.

trip to uttarakhand

Our Start

Firstly, we started off from Delhi on 30th May 2019 at 7 A.M and reached Tarangi resort corbett at 4 P.M. Our accommodation arrangements were done at Tarangi resort Jim Corbett.

Gala Party

Secondly, we had a gala party which was attended by all bloggers and the representatives of TheGypsyRhapsody. After that, Yummy food was served in dinner which we all enjoyed.

The whole gang danced together on amazing songs and it was a fulfilled evening for all of us.

Exploring Corbett

Next day early morning on 1st June 2019 we first had our breakfast. After that, we spent a few hours exploring the whole resort. Above all, the resort is nestled right in the middle of Mother Nature. We had a shoot session right at Tarangi resort which was organized by TheGypsyRhapsody and each one of us participated in that and the experience was worthy and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Once packed up from shoot we went for sightseeing. As there were many things to explore in the nearby places from this resort. In addition, our Guide ensured we got the glimpse of each one of them. Since it was a bright sunny day, sun was beating down on us. Although, I was well protected because of my Ponds Sun Protect Sunscreen.

Jungle Safari

But when we you are in Jim Corbett then how can you miss Jungle Safari? Isn’t it… Our wish was answered and special arrangements for the gang of 10 bloggers were made by TheGypsyRhapsody at Tarangi resort to take us on Jungle Safari.

tarangi resort uttarakhand

If you love nature and do want to get the glimpse of wildlife in the jungle then come and visit Jim Corbett at least once. You will be in love with Jungle just the way I am now.

Main Attraction of Jim Corbett National Park

During our Safari we spotted the main attraction of the Jim Corbett National Park. Guess what? Yes, it’s the Royal Bengal Tiger followed by giant Asiatic elephant and many other lovely wild creatures. We were lucky as we got to see the Royal Bengal tiger. Most of the time they prefer to remain at the back of the bushes hiding from the tourists.

tarangi resort


Our guide and driver took us deep in the Jungle. In short, to make us mesmerized by the greenery & soothing sounds of the birds. It was almost 3 hrs trip and after that, we returned back to resort.

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After resting for an hour we all marched back to our Delhi. Finally our memorable trip came to an end once we reached back home.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TheGypsyRhapsody is a reliable travel agency. They will take you for a memorable trip to Jim Corbett and many other places.

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