7 Tips For Travelling With Vape Equipment

7 Tips for Travelling with Vape Equipment
7 Tips For Travelling With Vape Equipment
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When purchasing vaping equipment, the cost can soon add up. With that in mind, you will want to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure whilst you are on the go. Here are seven tips for travelling with vape equipment.

Do Your Research

If you are reading this article, you are already doing a great job in terms of researching into what is and what is not allowed when it comes to carrying your vaping equipment. It is important that you learn about whether the destination you are travelling to will accept vapes. Unlike cigarettes, vapes are much more complicated due to the fact they are battery-powered. This means that like all the other modern battery-powered devices such as cameras and laptops, there are restrictions in place as to how they should be stored and whether they are safe and legal to use. It is vital that you check up on restrictions to avoid any disappointment or sanctions.

Knowing the Laws

If you are planning to head overseas, you will need to research into the restrictions of the country you are going to. For example, Thailand is very anti-vape. As the island is an incredibly popular tourist destination, the government decided to ban vaping entirely in 2014 over safety concerns. This means that any local or traveller who enters the country with vaping equipment may be subjected to fines or even a prison sentence. Gulf states such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have also banned the use of e-liquids and vaping devices for the same reason. You will want your trip to go as smoothly as possible, so it is strongly recommended to check before you head out.

Battery Safety

As mentioned earlier, vapes can only be run on batteries. This means that they could be a potential fire hazard in certain situations. One of the main reasons that the public and government are wary of vaping is the Risk of Explosions and Battery Fires. With a lot of negative press being reported, many businesses and airlines have banned vaping equipment from being carried in checked luggage, just like with any other battery-powered device. If you are travelling overseas with your vaping equipment, it is best to remove any batteries before proceeding.


E-liquids will be part of your vaping equipment, so it is important that you understand the regulations for how much you can carry on your person. If you are transporting e-liquids in the 100ml mandatory bottles, you are likely to not have a problem. Also, make sure that the e-liquid is stored in a clear and plastic bag. If you are planning to go travelling for a long period of time, a good idea would be to fill a bottle of your favourite e-liquid and keep it stored in your checked luggage. If you are heading somewhere you have never been before, it may be hard to find vendors who supply what you want, but make sure that you always check beforehand on what you can and cannot bring with you.

Keep Things Minimal

With vaping becoming increasingly popular, there has never been more of a variety of flavours than there is today. With such a wide choice to choose from, it can be hard to know what to bring with you. If you have an extensive amount of equipment, it is best to bring the necessities rather than bringing your whole collection. You want to look online at a UK vape shop that offers a huge variety. Several also offer more information on the products, on Greyhaze.co.uk you can find can a breakdown of each product and this will include what sort of e-liquids are right for you to take on your travels. There are plenty of special offers and free UK delivery for any orders over £30. This should help you maintain the minimal.

Be Aware of Surroundings

With airports being like their own mini-cities, there is everything you need inside to accommodate your needs and get you from A to B. Whilst many airports used to allow smoking, laws came into place which prohibited this. However, this will depend on the airport you head to as some airports have their own smoking lounges and outdoor spaces where you can light up. The same rules apply to vapers, so make sure not to use your device indoors. It is best to brush up on what Rules You Need To Follow before you get to the airport, so you can plan accordingly.

Have Respect

Lastly (and most importantly), make sure that you are aware of who is around you. Whilst vaping may seem like a normal, everyday thing to you, there are plenty of people who disagree, so it is all about having a good level of respect for those around you. If you can head to a smoking area, you are likely to not have any issues. Whatever you do, do not use your device whilst on a commercial flight.

Having a good knowledge of the rules and regulations of vaping will ensure your travelling experience goes as smoothly as possible.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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