Best Apps to Find Cheap Last Minute Tickets for Different Situations

Best 10 Last Minute Flight Booking Apps
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Traveling by plane is like a perfectly polished, double-edged sword. It means you’re likely
traveling somewhere you don’t go often and that makes you feel excited, but on the other side,
you likely get dizzy just by thinking about all the annoying stuff you have to do to get your virtual
hands on those plane tickets. Sure, you can get the first offer you stumble upon, but somewhere
deep inside you know you can get them cheaper.

Another problem is the the longer you wait, the likely the price will go up. The Internet suggests
buying tickets at least 50 days before your trip, but what if you face a last-minute situation where
you need to get tickets 10 days before you take off? Will you simply pay the full price? To help
you out, we researched the most trusty apps for last-minute tickets currently on the market.
Hopefully, this article will help you save a dollar or two you can spend on something more
interesting like a nice dinner at a restaurant.

Hopper – Razor Sharp Flight Predictions
Hopper boasts that it can save you up to 40% on your ticket purchases. Since this can mean
anything from the actual 40% saving to 0.1% saving, we decided to see what the app is all
about. What makes Hopper stand out from other flight apps is it doesn’t only send you
notification that tells you to “Buy now!”, but it provides suggestions if maybe you should wait if
their algorithm deducts that the price might go down. And it turns out that the little bunny isn’t all
that wrong. We picked a random flight and over the course of 2 weeks, the app got it right as the
ticket price did go down. This can be helpful if you’re running low on time and you need to make
the decision now rather than later.

A minor problem we can’t really blame on Hopper (it’s basically with every flight app but we’ll
mention it here) is that lower prices might come at a price – if you understand what we mean.
You might find a cheaper flight, but that flight might be to a more distant airport for example. But
Hopper does seem to make as little compromises as possible to ensure you get what you want
at a lower price without cutting the edges.

Cheapflights – A Freedom of Choice

Besides sporting a fantastic search library, Cheapflights stands out with its large amount of
filters. You can filter flights by just about anything – from basics like time of departure to what are

the cancelation policies. Although the app has an automated suggestion option, it’s great for
people who like to get their hands dirty when looking for flights. Instead of relying on the app
itself, it makes it really easy and somewhat enjoyable to do the research by yourself. The UI is
intuitive and user-friendly so even though there are many options, you’ll rarely if never get lost
while using the app. If you need to book a flight now and you have an extremely specific flight to
attend, this app can help you find it without wasting a fortune.

Here’s another backdrop that many flight apps have and this one isn’t an exception. When you
enter the app you might sigh in amazement how low the prices are. But once you click on that
and you’re directed to a third site, you’ll quickly see the price go up. It must be noted this doesn’t
happen often and apps like this aren’t really to blame. It just goes to show it’s not all rainbows
when it comes to flight tickets. It’s more like a cloudy day where you don’t know if you’ll be hit by
a warm sun or a cold rain shower.

Jetradar – The Frequent Flyer’s Handy Tool

If you’re a frequent traveler, no matter if it’s business or leisure, you probably face a last-minute
flight call often. For you, Jetradar could be a great choice. Besides all the usuals, Jetradar
sports a great feature where you can set up as many alerts as you want. This might not sound
like anything special, but the real advantage is in how Jetradar organizes the list. Instead of just
sorting them randomly so you get lost if you have more than 10 alerts set up, the app manages
to pack all the crucial information you need on a single screen. This way, you don’t have to feel
like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, instead, you can easily focus on what you’re
looking for in a given moment.

Although we’re talking about apps to help people who are in a hurry, Jetradar does have some
occasional lags where you might have to wait for a second longer for the information to load.
But, keep in mind, a second of waiting is nothing compared to 30 minutes of trying to find at
what time is your tomorrow’s flight in a list of 20 flights.


There you go, these are our 3 recommended apps for people who just can’t seem to catch a
break when it comes to flight tickets. As a final tip just in case you don’t find any of the apps
useful, here’s a list we found of supposed top 10 apps to find cheap, last-minute flights you can

Best 10 Apps for Last-Minute Flights

We tried to cover any possible situation with the 3 we picked, but there might be something
specific you’re looking for. In that case, you can give the list a look and see if you find the app

you need. If you manage to find an app you really like, feel free to let us know which one and
why. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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