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Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast – AngelMstyle

It is time for my blog AngelMStyle to bust the myth that Gaining Weight is much easier than losing weight. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Weight gain can be a time consuming process and requires as much research and patience as Losing Weight does. You need a proper diet that guides you about the number and the kind of calories you need on daily basis. Also, one must invest a  great deal of time and effort in choosing the apt Workout plan that would help gain weight and simultaneously keep the body toned and in proper shape.
Find a list of few habits and food items that will magically help you get the desired body. However one must learn to understand what foods suit their body type and work delightfully for their body type.

1)Homemade Protein Smoothies

While gaining weight requires an individual to incorporate more calories in their diet plan but it doesn’t have to be junk and must have a nutritional quotient that not only help the person gain weight but also aids in maintaining overall health ad well being. Try out these easy to make homemade recipes for mouth-watering smoothies.

A) Chocolate Smoothie

1 Cup of chocolate whey protein
1 Whole Banana
1 Table Spoon chopped nuts
1 Table Spoon of Peanut Butter

Amalgamate all these ingredients and shake well and enjoy the scrumptious beverage.

B)Caramel Apple Shake

1 Cup of Caramel flavored Whey protein
1 Table Spoon chopped nuts
1 Cup yogurt or homemade hung curd
1 Table Spoon of sugar if required.

Mix well for no lumps. You can add any fruit as per your liking to satisfy your taste buds.


One cup serving of rice has about 190 calories which is a good yet inexpensive source of carbs.Combine the rice with chicken and other healthy fats to see maximized results. It is dense in calories and will help you eat more food as it does not feel extremely hefty. Exuberantly large amounts are not advisable.

3)Read Meats

Leans meats and boiled chicken usually aid weight loss and should be avoided in the weight gain process. Instead one can choose red meat which aids muscle-building as it has high levels of dietary creatine.

4)Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are considered to be as high-calorie snack that are rick in antioxidants. They are high in sugar contents and should be consumed in limited amounts.

5)Starch and Potatoes

Starch, not only aid Healthy Weight Gain, if consumed in right quantities but also increase our muscle glycogen store. Also include oats,buckwheat,winter root vegetables and squash in your diet for added results.

One Pound at a Time ! It’s going to happen for you.

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