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Best Diet Chart For Weight Loss

The Best Weight Loss Diet Chart – Weight Loss Resources – AngelMstyle

Everyone on this given point on earth is very particular about their looks and most importantly their flab. Nobody wants to roam around with those extra kilos flubbing over the body. But losing weight is another complicated issue that haunts a lot of people. For those who think that losing weight is all about exercising are still living in a bubble. One can’t just exercise vigorously all day long and munch all sorts of food. A strict diet plan needs o be followed.

Here’s a 3 Week Diet Chart For Those Who Want Give it Their Best Shot.

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Week 1: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- have one fruit of your choice along with 4-5 seeds like watermelon or sesame or melon mixed.

Breakfast- mixed paneer sandwich with green mint chutney or 2-3 idles with I bowl of sambhar or 2 omelettes with 2 brown bread slices or 2 mixed multigrain wholesome paranthas or I bowl of oil less poha + 1 glass of healthy vegetable juice.

Somewhere mid morning- 1 fruit of your choice or 1 glass coconut water

Before Lunch- suggested I plate of healthy vegetable salad with vinegar dressing

Lunch- 2 wholesome multigrain chapatti or I bowl of brown rice with 1 bowl of pulses/ kindey beans, egg bhurji + I complete of low fat curd.

Afternoon-Evening- one cup of coffee or tea preferably black or I glass of buttemilk

Evening Snack- I fruit of your choice or 1 bowl of sprouts

Dinner- 1 bowl of gray chicken with brown rice or 2 multigrain chapattis with salad and 1 bowl of low fat curd or 1 bowl of soup or salad.

Week 2: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- I full glass wheatgrass juice along with 4-5 almond seeds

Breakfast- 2 vegetable uttapam along with sambhar or 1 vegetable dalia or upma with mint chutney or 2 semi paneer/ otas/rai dosa with sambhar or 1 bowl of sproted red rice poha along with 1 glass of vegetable juice

Somewhere mi morning- I glass of tender coconut water malai included or I plate of assorted fruits or 1 glass of whey protein shake

Before Lunch- I bowl of minestrone or tomato soup

Lunch- 2 fuller multigrain chapaid with 1 bowl of vegetable or I bowl of fuller steamed rice with sambhar or I bowl chicken or vegetable salad or vegetable curry of your choice and salad

Evening Snack- 2 multigrain Khakhras and 1 possible fruit or I cup black tea or black coffee

Dinner – 1 bowl of brown rice chicken biryani or vegetable biryani + mixed curd + I plate salad or 1 bowl chicken or vegetable salad and steamed red rice and mixed vegetable sambhar or 2 multigrain Chapattis with pulses

Week 3: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- 1 glass green leafy vegetable juice or 1 fruit of your choice

Breakfast- 1 bowl of sprouts or poha with mint chutney or 2-3 oats idlis with sambhar or 2 vegetable uttapam with 1 bowl of sambhar or 2 paranthas along with vegetable curd raita

Somewhere mid morning – 4-5 dry fruits or 1 cut prepared fruit

Before Lunch- 1 bowl of sprouts or salad or grilled chicken or grilled fish

Lunch- 1 bowl of khichdi with mixed vegetable or 2 multigrain chapattis with 1 bowl of non veg curry or vegetable with 1 glass of buttermilk or 2 fuller stuffed vegetable utappas with 1 bowl of sambhar

Snack- 1 bowl of bied corns spiced with 1 cup of green tea or coffee or 1 fruit or whey protein

Dinner- vegetable mixed salad seeds along with 2 multigrain chapattis and pulses or non-veg gravy or brown rice and sambhar and egg mashed

Late in the night- 1 glass of warm tender toned milk.

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