Addressing Your Concerns: Are Fat Burning Supplements Healthy?

Fat Burning Supplements

Fat burning supplements have been on the market for decades, many of them promoting the thermogenic power that many natural foods already possess. After all, caffeine, capsaicin and resveratrol are all compounds naturally occurring in foods that we eat every day.

On the other hand, there have been many supplements over the years that have contained Dangerous Compounds with side effects such as high blood pressure, insomnia, heart palpitations with some even leading to heart attack and stroke. How is it possible that these products were on the market long enough to injure a consumer? How can you know if a fat burning supplement is safe to use?

Dietary Supplement Regulation

 The FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of our food and keeping the public informed of hazards to their health as well as promoting health through medical innovations. Supplements fall under this umbrella of responsibility.

However, since supplements are not classified as a pharmaceutical they do not need to be reviewed and approved before going on the market. The Manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the product they sell is safe and their labeling is accurate and truthful.

Ingredient List

 Supplements are not allowed to contain any pharmaceutical ingredients so everything in a fat burning supplement is listed as all natural. Both the National Institute of Health and the FDA provide lists of common ingredients found in fat burning supplements, including notes about their safety, efficacy and recommended doses. However, fat burning supplements can often have a long list of ingredients and since the FDA does not test these products, there is no strong evidence of the side effects of these natural products when taken together.

What You Can Do 

  • Read Labels: Review the ingredients on any product you consume, but particularly any supplement. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, find out before consuming anything. Use and to help provide you with unbiased information on the product you will be consuming daily. Additionally, read reviews on the best Fat Burning Supplements on the market to find out what those combination of ingredients has done for other consumers.
  • Use Only as Directed: Anything can become toxic at high enough levels. On a weight loss journey, it can be tempting to try to speed things up by taking higher doses than recommended, especially when many fat burners can provide a boost in energy that makes your workout feel easier. Do not overdo it or it could lead to burnout.
  • Consult Your Doctor: Your doctor should be made aware of any change to your diet, including supplementation of any kind. Something as simple as grapefruit can interfere with many blood thinner medications, so this step is especially true if you have a pre-existing condition being managed by prescription medication. Your doctor should work with you to recommend healthy diet and lifestyle changes that will be complemented by the addition of a fat burning supplement. 

Are fat burning supplements healthy? Yes. Many of the ingredients listed are often touted as super foods when taken in their isolated forms. However, you as the consumer must remember that anything in large doses can become dangerous and supplements are not as carefully studied before being placed on the market as other Drugs, even though they can be as powerful.

A quality fat burner will enhance your weight loss goals by promoting a healthy metabolism and increased energy. For short term use, these supplements can provide you with the boost you need to succeed at your weight loss goals, which in and of itself will make you the healthiest version of yourself.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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