Diamond Inclusions – There Are Pros, Too!

Diamond Inclusions – There Are Pros, Too!

Navigating the beauty marks, blemishes and flaws of a Diamond is daunting stuff. Many people think that a diamond’s imperfections – called inclusions – ought to be avoided at all costs. But, unless you have an unlimited budget, inclusions are simply a fact of life. Actually, you may even want inclusions.

Here’s Why Diamond Inclusions Can Be A Good Thing.

The Role of Inclusions

While inclusions are just one of the factors to Determine a Diamond’s Clarity Grade, they do play a larger role than you may realise. For instance, the unique imperfections in a diamond could be an excellent identifier.

Another benefit is that natural inclusions tend to differ from lab-grown diamonds and offer conclusive proof of the diamond’s origin. You’ll find a wide range of diamonds and diamond jewellery at https://www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au/.

Further, familiarising yourself with common inclusions can help you understand the diamond grading report.

Here’s a quick overview of common diamond inclusions.

  1. Clouds and Pinpoints

A miniscule mineral crystal is called a pinpoint. It’s a tiny speck of dust that’s not really noticeable to the trained eye. In clusters, they are referred to as a group of pinpoints and when the clusters are so very small that they can only be seen as a slightly hazy form, they’re referred to as a cloud. Make sure to check the Two Most Important Pieces of jewellery – the wedding ring and engagement ring – to see if they have such inclusions

  1. Knot, Crystal, Dark Crystal, Needle

A crystal can either be a diamond or other mineral in its most natural and raw form, embedded within a stone. A needle is a narrow, long crystal shaped like a rod and a knot is a crystal that can reach the outer most surface area of a diamond. The gems are typically colourless or come in various shades of white, but they can be any colour.

  1. Feathers

A feather is a separated plan found within the internal structure of the diamond. You may be able to see larger feather in SI clarity graded stones. I2 and I3 clarity gems tend to have larger feathers that may create concerns in terms of the diamond’s structural integrity. Higher clarity stones can also have feathers, but they’re not really a concern.

  1. Twinning Wisps

Groups of grain lines can be subtle, colourless and are caused by asymmetrical growth patterns as the diamond forms. There’s also a twinning wisp which is a series or string of clouds, crystals or pinpoints.

  1. Indented Natural

If there is an indentation in the diamond and a piece of the original stone’s unpolished outer layer, you’ll usually spot it around the girdle of the stone.

  1. Cavity

A cavity is a small and slightly deep area that is caused when a crystal near to the surface is unintentionally removed during the cutting and polishing phases.

  1. Chip

Chips or nicks are usually shallow and small and noticeable as irregular openings on the girdle edge of the diamond.

It’s worth noting that may inclusions are not noticeable to the naked eye, and particularly an untrained eye. Overall, inclusions give your diamond character and help make it easy to identify, so they can certainly be a good thing.

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