Purplle Newly Launched-Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick: A Product Review

Purplle Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hello Friends, I recently got to try these gorgeous and fun collection of Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks, I tried the 10 hot and sexy shades, and trust me I enjoyed each one. From subtle hues to fearless shades, the collection is both gorgeous and bold.  Here are the ten different shades:

  1. My Cover-up Story: This is such a lovable shade that will cover your lips with a naughty and flirty swag.
  2. My first Prom Night: One of the most gorgeous shades from the collection, this one is my personal favorite.  
  3. My First Dare: If you love being the showstopper of your group, you cannot miss this beautiful shade.
  4. My First Date: The fine hue and texture of the lipstick makes it a great one to include in the collection. 
  5. My First Hug: Being a lipstick lover, you cannot miss this vivacious shade. 
  6. My First Selfie: Perfect pout needs a gorgeous color and a hint of shine, this one offers both.  
  7. My First Vacay: Fabulous shade and texture, this is a perfect color for every event. 
  8. My First Dress Up: Having this lip color is a must because it is a shade that you can wear with any of your dresses. 
  9. My First Bae: This shade has everything, from fun, flirty and fabulous. It is a must buy.  
  10. My First Sleepover:  This is a shade which is light and pretty for the fun nights with the group. You will love the lip color if you like to be subtle yet cool.

Here are the details of the Purplle Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick:

  • The lipsticks are made to give your lips a finish and hue that can help you look attractive and gorgeous.
  • With the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick on your lips you can have an enticing look
  • After you apply the lip color you get the best shade that doesn’t require multiple applications. 
  • Each of the lipsticks is enriched with Vitamin E and it gives conditioning to the lips and you feel moist for hours.  
  • The lipsticks are smudge proof and you don’t have to worry while you smile, talk, eat, drink or kiss. 
  • With the water resistant formula of Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks, you can enjoy your drinks without worrying about the color getting faded.
  • While removing the lipstick, your lips don’t get any stains.
  • The best thing about Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks is that these are free from any cruelty to animals.

Good points that I noticed about the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick:

  • The packaging of the lipsticks is gorgeous and classy. The applicator is nice and perfect for application. 
  • It dries up fast and you get the perfect opaque finish with just single application.
  • Each of the lipsticks from the Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick collection is transfer proof as well as water proof.
  • The shades are perfect for all the skin types and the variety in the shades make it best suited for women of all age and skin tone type.
  • I have been using all the ten shades of the lipstick since a month and I am really happy with it. 

If you want to bring your sexy, wilder side  out while dressing up for any event where you need to look special then try out these amazing shades of  Purplle. Each one of the shades is so unique and eye catching that it will be hard for others to take eyes from you. Look like a true Diva this diwali covering your sexy lips with these amazing shades of lipstick.

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