Biotin and Other Nutrients For Healthy Hair

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There may be a number of hair care products available in the market but the health of your hair very much depends on nutrition.

It is excessively important for you to follow a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to get thicker and stronger hair. Diet plays a very crucial role in providing basic nutrition to your hair, making them grow thicker and stronger naturally. So read below to know the nutrients that should be included in your diet to get those healthy and lustrous locks.

Proteins and Biotin

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Proteins are present in the form of keratin in each and every strand of hair which is the building blocks of hair. They are present in tofu, soy, milk, yogurt, daal, etc. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7/H is one of the most important sources of nutrition for hair growth.

Biotin also helps in further hair growth and makes your hair stronger. Other rich sources of biotin are dairy products, nuts, and seeds, avocado, etc

Vitamin A, C and Iron

iron rich

These are not only a source of vitamin A and C but also a very good source of iron. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin and when it is not present in adequate quantity in your blood, then the amount of oxygen supply to your hair reduces which alters your hair growth.

Hence iron is important for an adequate supply of oxygen for your hair growth. Other rich sources of iron are beans, soybean, dal, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, nuts, broccoli, cabbage, and other green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B12

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Deficiency of vitamin B12 is extremely common, especially in vegetarians as most of the sources of vitamin B12 are present in non-vegetarian food.

Hence it leads to deficiency in vegetarians and leads to hair fall. The various rich sources of vitamin B12 are meat, fish, salmon, fortified cereals, milk, and dairy products and eggs. Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of new cells and hair growth. Hence it is important to have foods rich in vitamin B12.

Vitamin A, C and E

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Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum, which helps in nourishing your hair and keeps the scalp healthy. Foods rich in vitamin A are pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato.

Vitamin C and E, on the other hand, are powerful antioxidants which help in prevention against the free radical damage by the harmful UV rays and the pollutants. Foods rich in vitamin C are guavas, strawberries, blackberries, and lemons. Foods rich in vitamin E are almonds, avocados, and spinach.



Zinc plays a major role in your hair. It helps in tissue growth, premature graying and calms the hormonal balance which prevents your hair from shedding. Deficiency of zinc leads to hair loss so make sure to include enough zinc in your diet to boost hair growth. Foods rich in zinc are meat shellfish, daal, beans, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and sprouts.

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Final Thoughts

Hair is the crowning glory for all of us. So don’t let your crown fall off. Eat healthy for happy hair. Apart from these nutrients even Vitamin D is important which is best taken from sunlight but don’t go out in the summers without a sunscreen.

Happy Hair, Happier you!

AngelMstyle:- Fitness Blogger

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