VIMBLE2 – Extendable Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone

VIMBLE2 - extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone- extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone

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VIMBLE2 –  extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone – Convenience is the latest essence of life. The more we are advancing with time, the more convenient essentials are getting for us. Anything at click  looks so easy. But when you are in a influencing field, things might get a little off the track. With constant updates to live shots, our camera handling skills really come handy. But the most difficult part lies in taking long shots and full captures. Undeniably, not every shot is possible with one hand support and not always one has the pleasure of being accompanied by someone. But you don’t need anyone when you can get your hands on these extremely flexible extendable hand held Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone from Feiyu Tech Vimble2.

VIMBLE2 - extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone

For long I had been struggling with getting appropriate shots for my online posts. But not after I was introduced to this amazing life hacking product which makes my work easier and simpler and for all the right reasons. The product comes arranged in a packed box with the main product and all the added essentials.

The package comes with a free hand held extension with an extra added 18cm long extension bar for focused and fantastic filming. For adaptive use, one simply needs to connect the Gimbal to the Vicool App. ( can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store ), Clicking on the function button 3 times would shift camera lens from back and front. Look at some of the amazing features of this hand held extendable Gimbal stabilizer to fall in love with it.

Features : VIMBLE2 –  Extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone

  • This amazing looking 3 axis hand held Gimbal stabilizer comes with a Bluetooth shutter button which makes it all the more easier to control your Smartphone from your hand held Vimble2. There are two solutions to control the device from Vimble2. This makes the usage absolutely hassle free and time tracking by using the Bluetooth shutter buttons.
  • This fantastic device comes with a genius face tracking system to capture just the right position and direction by condensing face action and tracking it by itself. Face tracking feature makes it a must have in your kit.
  • This hand held extension device has a time lapse photography feature which is a boon in itself. It allows you to set timer for the photograph to be captured wherein you can easily place yourself in the right position before being filmed. Images are then captured in a time lapse with hassle free movement.
  • The next feature is the build in zoom slider where in you can control the zoom feature and capture minute details by simply sliding in and zooming into the slightest of the concepts. This makes the filming much more creative and clear.
  • One can easily go on with the flow with panoramic photography and fast cutt9ing edge filming with this 3 axis hand held Gimbal stabilizer. Panorama capturing is the current favourite and you don’t have to miss out on such a great feature. The grip of the stabilizer remains firm and tight so there is no need to worry while taking cutting edge shots. You can easily move the hand held bar without any damage anticipation.
  • Latest features include the panning mode, following mode and lock mode to keep your captures safe and secure. The panning mode feature covers the entire frame making your filming experience worthwhile.
  • Vimble2 can run up to 5 hours straight and if you end up including the dormancy, it can go up to 10 hours in a go. The Feiyu Tech Vimble2 comes with an inbuilt micro USB port allowing for a power bank charging. This gives way for an interruption free filming as long as you want.
  • The self adaption control feature of the product makes it easy for a high end self hold gripping reducing the requirement for balancing the Smartphone while mounting.

These feature of Vimble2 hand held stabilizer for Smartphone makes it a important component for all those who love capturing every moment of their life.Have a look at some of the amazing highlights of the product to completely fall in love with it.

Camera Holding Compatibility

The sliding arms of Vimble2 which are adjustable in nature have a pre set factory setting with counterweight markings making it compatible with the camera weight. This keeps the phone and camera adjustments quick and easy.

High On Ease And Comfort

The special coating on the handle bar of Vimble2 feels a part of the concept and makes the grip easy and reliable. The exact friction between palm and coating makes it easy and professional for the user to take high end images and videos.

Portably Agile

The profusely designed Vimble2 is easy to hold and use. The grip sets tight allowing for a horizontal rotation of 320 degrees. This allows for a high range of panorama captures. Also the advanced face tracking feature makes it quite agile for a hands free filming.

User Friendly Interface

The highly advanced and technologically infused Vimble2 is created keeping in mind the user demands and working tactics. With its revolutionary design and light weight structure, Vimble2 comes with optimized brushless motors maintaining high torque and balanced power consumption giving space for a mechanism in different situations.

High On Technology

The product is enabled with a 320 degree rotation on 3 point axial turns for rotating as well as tilting. The Bluetooth control feature can easily change angles producing an imaginative and creative presentation.

This technologically advanced creativity by far has been my greatest filming support. Available in different fashion colours; for all those looking out for this cool product can go right away and order it from Vimble2.

And for all the dealers out there wanting to be a part of selling out this creative product

can also contact on : +91 8468984689

For a professional and smooth filming and capturing experience, get yourself this highly advanced VIMBLE2 –  extendable Handheld 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone and capture the world in a different fashion.


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