Spring It Like Earring- Jivaana , A One Stop-Hop!

Spring It Like Earring- Jivaana , A One Stop-Hop!

Seasons come and go, whatever outfit it is, there’s one thing that can never go wrong, and that is earrings. I am big big earring fan. I make sure that I have piece in every possible colour available on earth in probably every design. Jhumkas or tassels,  gold stud earrings or kundans, every pair of my earring is very close to my heart. And guess what? I just got a new one stop destination to heal my earring purchase syndrome and how. Ya if that’s even a disease, I am on the last stage for sure. Spring it like Earring- Jivaana , a one stop-hop!  My earring collection has already filled a number of my pretty jewellery boxes. But I don’t regret buying even one of it.

 gold stud earrings

Jivaana brings to the finest collection of precisely decorated and crafted pieces of earrings that will make you feel nothing less than gorgeous. Jivaana has a collection of some of the classiest designer earrings to grace your every occasion. These can be some of the best designer earrings for weddings that you would have purchased so far. The precision on the earring, the designer, everything is worth every penny that you spend on it. I am primarily a fan of ear studs. They are easy and fill every purpose. But designer earrings from Jivaana just made me change my mind.Spring it like Earring- Jivaana , a one stop-hop!

Indian weddings are all about glitz and glamour and everything loud and shimmery. You can’t even imagine a wedding dress without being paired with a pair of beautiful looking jhumkas or heavy earrings. We’re customed like that. And I don’t complaint! Earrings make a female, look more petite and delicate. That’s the beauty of Indian jewellery. They are simply gorgeous in every which way. And to do justice to that sentimental attachment which we women hold with are jewellery pieces, Jivaana has come up with a range of exclusive and glamorous earrings which will be the right choice to every occasion. There are lighter ones for haldi and mehendi and quite a few heavy ones for the main events. You name it and the store has it for you. You have everything from jhumkas to beads to tassels and everything that you can probably think of. And the best part remains that these are crucially designed designer earrings customized to grace your events and add value to it.

                                                                           Designer earrings for wedding


                                                                                            Designer Earrings

Girls usually prefer old ear studs  and studs online for easy carriage and maintenance. Also not designer earrings can be worn on a daily basis. But when there’s a occasion, it ought to be special. And Jivaana makes sure it does that for you. So girls, if you have a wedding coming up anytime soon, get your beautiful and stunningly decorated pair of designer earrings for weddings from www.jivaana.com

This is the time to fill your wedding Pandora with the most amazing and designer pieces straight out from the gem itself. Some earrings never hurt anybody. And designer earrings from Jivaana are sure to make you look drop dead gorgeous .


AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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