Vivacious Vibrance: Trending Sarees To Checkout This Summer – AngelMstyle

Vivacious Vibrance: Trending Sarees To Checkout This Summer – AngelMstyle
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Vivacious Vibrance: Trending Sarees To Checkout This Summer

If you ask Indian women to single out a favorite garment from their closet, the answer would be the evergreen saree for most of them. Saree is one of the finest garments to originate in India and be embraced by the world. Given that you drape and style it right, there is hardly any chance of going wrong with the six yards of fabulousness. A Saree never feels out of place be it at work, wedding, parties, or even clubbing. Though it is widely known as the drape of all seasons, the summers are especially suited to flaunt your prettiest collection of Sarees. This is because the six yards is comparatively easy-breezy when compared to other garments. Besides, it is so dressy all by itself that you rarely need much of an add-on in the form of accessories and just a simple bracelet or a dainty pair of earrings suffices. The following are some of the trending Sarees that deserve to be a part of your wardrobe this summer.

The Fabulousness of Fringe Sarees

If you are someone who keeps an eye on the latest Saree trends, you will notice that the fringe style has been gaining ground since the last year. Given the fact that fringes have spread everywhere from bags, shoes to earrings, it was about time that the saree also gets a fringe makeover. The fringes are incorporated mostly all along the border, but you can also see it on a part or whole of the ‘Pallu’.

The fabulousness of fringe sarees

The Smart Look of Half and Half Sarees

The half and half saree do not seem to be leaving the fashion scene as of yet. The various kinds of half and half sarees ensure that there is an option for you no matter whether you like ethnic drapes or contemporary creations. The combinations that are trending this year includes half floral print and half solid color, half net and half georgette material, half and half in contrasting hues like yellow-green, pink-blue, gold-red, and so on.

The Comfort of The Cotton Sarees

Any discussion about the sarees for the summer remains incomplete without a mention of the pretty cotton sarees. They are the staples in any Indian women’s wardrobe, and the summers are the best time to bring the comfy cotton out. There are several really popping hues available in the cotton sarees nowadays, and you can take your pick from the gorgeous greens, bright yellows to pearly pinks. Go for additional detailing like pompoms or golden thread work on the borders.

Ruffled Sarees to Rule The Season

The Ruffle saree has been trending ever since Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor flaunted one at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival. So, take a leaf out of her book and change your style game for the season by picking up some nice ruffled sarees. This season the trends that you will notice in these sarees include ruffling on the pleats, pallu, or the borders. Make sure you keep the blouse fuss-free as otherwise, you will end up looking disheveled rather than classy.

The Style Quotient of The Net Sarees

The net saree has been brought back in trend for this season by Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut with her super-glam, blue net saree by Anita Dongre. The sheer net sarees are perfect to be flaunted at the summer weddings and parties. The great thing about these sarees is that you can jazz up your blouses as much as you want. For instance, Kangana paired it up with a matching, high-on-embroidery, blue blouse. You can also go for off-shoulder or ruffled blouses with sheer sarees.

The Style Quotient of The Net Sarees

The Grandeur of a Lehenga Saree

Not everyone can drape the six-yards with absolute finesse, and for them, the Lehenga saree is like a big relief. Part of the reason why the Lehenga saree never falls off the fashion charts is that just about anyone can drape it within minutes. Besides, gone are the times when you only associated Lehenga sarees with highly embellished ethnic wear. Presently, highly subdued versions of the Lehenga saree are also available which make it ideal for the summers.

The Beauty of Bandhani Print Sarees

Bandhani is a print made from tie and dye process which has its origin in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The bandhani printed sarees are great for the high temperatures of the summers as they are light on the fabric but high on the fashion quotient. However, do not just go for the simple bandhani sarees and instead opt for the ones with gota or mirror work and sequins. You can wear this for any ethnic occasion, and they are the perfect alternative to the heavy traditional sarees.

The Contemporary and Cool Ombre Sarees

If you thought Ombre is a trend that is limited only to hair colors and accessories, think again as the trend has caught on to the sarees as well. The seamless blend of colors is mainly seen on the chiffon, silk, and georgette sarees. The color graduation is seen mainly on the pleats and the pallu, and some of the trending colors include pink-orange, red-orange, blue-green, and so on.

These trending saree ideas should be enough to sort out your wardrobe for the summers. You can always add your own twist to these ideas by going for unique blouses or draping styles. No matter how you choose to wear it, the stunning six yards are bound to make you look out and out gorgeous.

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