An Adventure Trip To The Less Explored Part of Himachal Pradesh: Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

My best friend is my travel companion and we both love to explore the various places in the world. After our travel experiences in tourist destination foreign lands, we made a visit to the Kullu Valley recently and headed our ways to the less explored parts of the. We planned for Jibhi and Jalori Pass and that was the best travel decision we took. 

On the long weekend of fall, we headed with our SUV and reached the Aut tunnel at a chilly and misty morning. Reaching till there was a great experience altogether however we had no clue what all was waiting for us. After having tea at a small shop near the tunnel we started driving towards the Banjar valley. Banjar is on the left Bank of River Beas so far it is a place that is less crowded. With the Majestic Mountains lined up across the entire view, Jibhi is a place that has not attracted a chunk of travelers like Manali or Parvati Valley. I and my best friend decided to visit Jibhi because we wanted to soak in the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. Staying for a couple of days in Jibhi let us unwind our mind and we wanted to stay there for a few more days but sadly, a trip has to end. So we returned. While coming back, we took the way from Jalori Pass and reached Shimla. The roads were adventurous and the entire trip was full of enjoyment and peace that we cannot find in the city lives.

Here are The Highlights of Our Jibhi-Jalori Pass Trip in The Mountains:

There are two beautiful yet small treks that we did in Jibhi. A three hours trek from Jibhi led us to the magnificent Chaini Village that is famous for its ancient architecture that is inspired from Chinese art work. The trek begins at the place named chiladhar and we just loved walking up while enjoying the breathtaking view that got more gorgeous with the height we gained. We also went to the Sharing Bagi temple from Chiladhar which is another gorgeous place.

On reaching Chaini Village, we were surprised with the architecture of the village. There were historic buildings and relics of many abandoned buildings that were made up of rocks. My friend suggested that we should take some pictures here and we clicked some highly impressive images of the old and mysterious marvels of architecture with the backdrop of the view that is blessed with natural splendor. It was indeed a sight that filled our mind and soul with peace and happiness. 

After our visit to Chaini Village, we went to Jalori pass and Sarehul Lake and then we returned to our home. Jalori is a mountain pass that connects Kullu District with Shimla District and it is a lovely place with a low altitude of 3120 meters. Our visit here was while we were driving back home. 

Altogether it was a memorable trip that I and my friend will appreciate for lifetime.

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