My Date with Orient Electric at Delhi Fashion Week

Delhi Times Fashion Week Sep’19, in association with Orient Electric, hosted an amazing evening and trust me, we all painted the town red.

The show was presented by designer duo Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor who presented their collection that showcased a stunning set of shimmering evening gowns, lehengas with off shoulder cholis and layered dresses. The night was immersed in fashion, pomp and exuberance to the fullest. This blog post is a narration of my awesome evening.

 It began with a meet and greet session with my fans, where we exchanged a lot about the latest trends in fashion. Not just about the event but in the world of internet too. The icing on the cake was the outflow of fashion, style and hotness all around.

But, if you ask me about the highlight of the show, then it had to be the Orient Zone. This experience was something you would love to know about.

People, just gear up because now I will be telling you about these innovative Orient fans in detail. But before that, let me prep you up a little; I hope that you people are aware of Orient Fan’s new ‘Lifestyle’ range, because if you are not, I recommend that you look up at the website right here to explore some really beautiful and smart range of fans. Believe me, you will be thanking me later. Yes, this was my showstopper at the Delhi Fashion Week – 2019.

So, as I entered the event area, there was this pretty ‘Orient Zone’ featuring these stylish fans that are very unique and innovative in my opinion, like the Bladeless fan, that fits oh so well in the modern homes, the Monroe, which is a tower fan, is awe-worthy, the Proteus happens to be a luxurious box fan with super silent motor and last but not the least, the Aeroslim, a new-age IoT-enabled fan. My first reaction was ‘Why a Fan Brand at a Fashion Show?’ But as time passed, I started connecting the dots. In the mean while I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Atul Jain, Executive Vice President, Fans, Orient Electric. He explained in detail about how Orient Electric envisions the future of smart fans. He also further shared his vision on how effortlessly these fans would fit our modern homes. I literally related to that as I could come up with 10 different ways, I could use the innovative features of these fans. And my dots were becoming clearer deep within.

I was spellbound by the various features of Aeroslim – Voice Control via Alexa and Google Assistant with super-efficient inverter motor, Slim Cylindrical Design, Telescopic Adjustable Mounting, Aerodynamic Profile Blades and what not.

My personal favorite is Aeroslim. Which one’s yours? Check out here, you will thank me yet again.

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fashion blogger

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