How Can You Prevent Your Breast From Sagging?

Breast From Sagging

How many times have you wistfully looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered, if someone could tell you how to get rid of saggy breasts. These saggy breasts that were once firm delights, seem to mock you for not taking good care of them. You just have to read on to know how you can attain those days of glory for your breasts. Breast tissues and muscles shrink with age and that causes sagging around the age of 50. Our lifestyle too aids in an acceleration of this phenomenon.

If you are already down the path of sagging breasts, do not lose heart for we have compiled for you some tips that will guide you on how to fix sagging breasts. So let’s get on to it, shall we?

  • Bra Size– Get onto doing some lingerie shopping only after getting your perfect bra size. A stitch in time saves nine.
  • Stay fit and healthy– Maintain a healthy weight and stay away from fad diets that lead to yo-yo-ing weight. Gaining weight makes the skin around the breasts stretch and losing an excess amount of weight causes it to sag. Many diets make you forego protein completely. Banishing this magical ingredient from your diet has its side effects. Lack of protein in the body is one of the causes behind breast sagging.
  • Go bottoms up with your water bottle– The more water you have the more are the chances of making your bosom glow. Shrunken skin and droopy breasts will be a thing of the past soon if you take in your stride this simple tip. All these are just some easy tips that tell you how to lift sagging breast naturally and make them firm. Hydrate yourself and see that wrinkly and saggy skin around your breasts disappear.
  • Exercise – Chest exercises can tone your breast muscles in no time. These exercises strengthen the ligaments around the breast muscles making them firm and fuller.
  • Moisturize – Yes you read it right. Just like the skin on our faces needs love and care, so does the skin around our breasts. A word of caution- do not go overboard though in using any oils or a moisturizer in that area for you might end up with pimples. You should gently massage your breasts in a circular motion going upside down and vice versa. Olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, and other plant oils are best for this.
  • Stand with confidence– Confidence leads to good upright posture and that is the key to having an uplifted bust line.
  • Wear a sports bra – When there are different shoes for a party and different for jogging, apply the same principles to your innerwear as well. If you are a fitness freak, we do not need to tell you how important it is to support those breasts while you jog, run, or even exercise on a yoga mat.
  • Breast pack– Once a week you can apply a home-made pack on your breasts to firm them and nourish the skin around them. Egg, Aloe Vera, honey, orange peel, and cucumber are some easy to find ingredients at home that make for an excellent mask.

What we said earlier can be classified easily as damage control but what if we tell you that there are ways that tell you how to prevent breast sagging? You need to first know what is causing your breasts to sag and you will then know how to avoid breast sagging.

  • It’s all in the bra– The biggest culprit that causes sagging in your cherished bosom is your ill-fitting bra. Inconspicuously and under the garb of a friend, it harms your breasts to no end. A perfect sized bra with well-fitted cups, fitted band, and adjusted straps goes a long way in enhancing your bust. Replace your old bras as well along with the ill-fitted ones. Experts say that after wearing a bra, the breasts should not bounce. You did step away and did a little jump, right? You have your answer!
  • Nicotine is not your friend– Not only does smoking make you prone to cancer it is believed to cause sagging breasts too.
  • The pregnancy weight– Weight gain and lactation make your breast tender and heavy during and post pregnancy, causing them to look saggy. Once you stop breastfeeding and shed off those extra kilos, the breasts come back to their normal shape, if looked after and taken care of.

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