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Hiya, I hope you guys are doing well with the summer and the sun. Really guys the sun is killing and it is now very hard to even get outside and enjoy your day. Anyway, with all this going on I was in real trouble with my skin, pimples, dryness and what not! So today I am sharing an amazing product from Boutique, which has helped me get through all the issues I faced in the past month. Boutique recently launched an Advanced BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub in the Indian Market, these products are 100% natural.

BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub Description:

Good personal hygiene is must for every individual either man or women. Being hygienic includes regular bathing, brushing teeth and wearing comfortable as well as clean clothes. But for a woman, maintaining a personal hygiene is a lot more than the regular routine we follow. We need a lot more than that specially when it comes to maintain our skin or to be particular our face. A good facial scrub which suites you skin and is also 100% organic can be a miracle to us. So I recently happen to use something organic from a very famous brand Bioteque which has a whole variety of organic products. Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub is what I decided to try first which is available for just Rs. 999. It is easily available on the leading online stores like nykaa and purple which gets delivered in less than 4 days.


Papita Fruit & Seeds, Kela Pulp, Khajur Pulp, Neem Bark, Methi Seeds, Yashad Bhasm, Banhaldi Rhizome, Aam Beej, Bees Wax, Kikar Gum, Moongphali Oil and Purified Water

BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub Biotique Advanced

Honest Review of BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub:

After using it for couple of days, I was really amazed to see that results so decided to share this amazing product with you guys. While most of the regular scrub or soap leaves your face dry and peeling, this product was quite fascinating. There was absolutely no dryness what so ever, In fact I felt my skin to be more moisturised and fresh even after the first use.  It was very helpful in removing dead pores which have just stuck for a very long time. After using it for couple of times, I felt my skin to be much more fresh and soft than ever before. As promised the product gives you flawless and moisturised skin and there is no signs of dryness what so ever. The scrub is somewhat grainy in texture which is filled with tiny beads which helped to get into deep pores of the skin cleaning it thoroughly.

Pollution had really made my skin worse and unhealthy but with a regular use of this scrub my skin have regained more health and moisture and now it feels really good to be back to looking awesome this summer.  The best part of using this particular skin cleaners is it is compatible with almost every skin type and works like magic.

Please don’t forget to share your experience of BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub in the comment section below. You can post any issue you are facing with your skin or hairs and maybe I could help you guys.

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